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Your job description is the first touchpoint between your company and your new hire. With millions of people searching for jobs on Indeed each month, a great job description can help you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position. To get you started, here are some tips for creating an effective job description.

So, what does an accountant actually do on a daily basis? An accountant is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records. Most accountants are responsible for a wide range of finance-related tasks, either for individual clients or for larger businesses and organizations employing them.

What Does an Accountant Do? Role, Responsibilities, and Trends

An accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company's financial operations. In a smaller business, an accountant's role may consist of primarily financial data collection, entry and report generation. Middle to larger sized companies may utilize an accountant as an adviser and financial interpreter, who may present the company's financial data to people within and outside of the business. Generally, the accountant can also deal with third parties, such as vendors, customers and financial institutions. An accountant can be anything from a simple bookkeeper to a strategic adviser, interpreting financial information for senior decisions makers in the business.

The project accountant position is accountable for monitoring the progress of projects, investigating variances , approving expenses, and ensuring that project billings are issued to customers and payments collected. Create project accounts in the accounting system. Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders. Authorize the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts. Review and approve supplier invoices related to a project. Review and approve time sheets for work related to a project.

Staff Accountants work in the accounting department of a company or in accounting firms and perform a variety of duties such as maintaining the general ledger, reviewing financial statements, preparing financial reports, assisting with audits and budgeting processes, and reconciling accounts. We are looking for a diligent Staff Accountant to join our accounting department. The Staff Accountant's responsibilities include maintaining financial records and reports, performing account reconciliations, assisting with budget and close processes, conducting internal audits, and maintaining accounts payable documentation. You will also be assisting the accounting manager as needed and respond to information requests by management and for auditing purposes. An outstanding Staff Accountant should also have excellent communication, organizational, and analytical skills.

Accountant General Job Description Sample

The Senior Accountant will report directly to the Controller. The candidate must display integrity and have a desire for professional growth. The ideal Senior Accountant needs to have plus years of recent corporate accounting experience preferably within a mid to large firm environment. Advanced MS Excel skills are needed along with a strong competence of picking up systems and processes. Strong written and communication skills are required as well. We are in search of a Senior Accountant. This position is responsible for providing professional accounting support to a variety of financial functions for the Plan, including monthly financial statement reporting and analysis, cost accounting, budgeting and variance analysis, and tax compliance.

Senior Accountant Job Description

This Assistant Accountant sample job description can be used to help you create a job advert that will attract candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements. Supporting the finance department, accountant, and management team by completing routine clerical and accounting tasks. Preparing budgets, maintaining reports, and completing basic bookkeeping and accounting duties for the company.

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Accountant General Job Description Sample

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The accounting profession has witnessed another severe criticism in the light of the recent global economic turmoil. Many questions were raised about the role of accountants in the era of globalization. As a result, there has been a greater research interest opportunities touching the role of the accountants with a special focus in its metamorphosis spanning from the past till the present, keeping in mind the future direction of accountants in the private and public enterprises. Save to Library. Create Alert.

We recommend that this person be someone different than any of the individuals in the other roles. However, if no other option is available, we strongly recommend that role overlap is limited to only the Local Cash Handling Control Manager or Cash Collection Point Supervisor. Overlap with other roles will be allowed if necessary provided the assignments are in compliance with the role overlap restrictions described below. However, if no other option is available, it may be the same person as the Cash Collection Point Supervisor. However, if no other option is available, it may be the same person as Reconciler. Policy: Required Role We recommend that this person be a different individual than any of the other roles. However, if no other option is available, it may be the same person as Deposit Preparer.

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ESSENTIAL TASKS​​ Research financial information for audit purposes and financial reporting. Analyze financial records and reports and make adjustments as needed. Assist bookkeepers, coordinators, principals, and administrators on day-to-day financial matters, reports and questions. Assist auditors in analysis work.

Junior Accountant job description

Senior Accountant Job Description Template

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12+ Accountant Job Description Templates

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