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Service Tax Objective Questions And Answers Pdf

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Service tax is a tax levied by the government on service providers on certain service transactions, but is actually borne by the customers.

MCQ Questions on Goods and Services Tax

It has a policy to gift a Hero motorcycle to its employee at the end of the financial year in terms of the employment contract. During the month of March , the company gifted 35 motor cycles among its employees whose open market value comes to Rs. He carried Handicraft goods worth Rs. The driver of vehicle argued that E Way bill not required, since the value of consignment is less than Rs. Which one of the following statement is true. Which of the following is a taxable supply under GST Act? Which of the following service is taxable under RCM in the hands of recipient of said service?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

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If a training course is deemed to be a taxable supply how do you value the tuition and course materials? If a supply of a training course consists of a supply of tuition and course materials, the fee charged for the training course is the consideration for the supply. In working out whether a supply of supported accommodation or crisis accommodation is GST-free, charities can use the daily or weekly Benchmark market values of accommodation refer to GST and non-commercial rules — benchmark market values instead of using the Market value guidelines. A supply of residential premises by way of lease, hire or licence is input taxed to the amount they are used predominantly for residential accommodation. The charity can claim input tax credits for purchasing things to make the supply. The charity cannot claim any input tax credits for purchasing things to make the supply. How will this be treated for GST purposes?

GST Questions and Answers Quiz PDF – MCQs on Goods and Services Tax in India

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Goods and Services Tax (GST) Frequently Asked Questions

The CJEU decided that the EU freedom of establishment does not preclude Member States from levying a progressive tax on turnover, the actual burden of which is mainly borne by companies controlled from another Member State. The Court also ruled that Hungarian advertisement tax penalty regime disproportionately affected companies located in another EU Member State and was therefore contrary to the EU principle of freedom to provide services. For more information, please refer to Euro Tax Flash Issue The case concerned the submission of a loss-relief claim in the Czech Republic in respect of losses generated in the Netherlands.

This tax has subsumed many Indirect taxes. We have made 10 relevant questions on the GST for the different competitive exams. So solve this set of quiz and evaluate your preparation on this topic.

Central Excise Duty and Service Tax c. State the correct answer from the options given below- a) I GST is a consumption of goods and service tax based on.

If you are an accountant or finance person handling all GST compliance, looking for a job. Then you should checkout these interview questions to prepare for your next job interview. Vskills Certifications Why Vskills Search. Article A of the Constitution, which was brought by the Constitution st Amendment Act, granted the co-existent powers to both parliament and state legislatures to make laws with respect to GST. Nevertheless, -clause 2 of Article A read with Article A provides with the exclusive power to the Parliament to legislate with respect to inter-state trade or commerce.

India is notorious for its complex tax system. For new businesses and startups, it becomes impossible to navigate through various direct and indirect taxes. Constant changes to taxes like Service Tax are making things even worst. But now, the things are set to change with new Goods and service tax — commonly known as GST. To make things easy to understand, I will start with an example..

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Integrated Goods and Services Tax is applicable when - a) Sold in a) Mixed supply b) Composite supply c) Common supply d) Continous supply. Goods.


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MCQs on Goods and Service Tax: Here are the important MCQs on GST to analyse Stay tuned to BYJU'S for more MCQ's on Economics, question papers,​.



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