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In this study, Helicobacter pylori H. Nicaragua has particularly high gastric cancer incidence and we therefore studied Nicaraguan clinical H. The complete genomes of fifty-two Nicaraguan H. The Nicaraguan isolates showed phylogenetic relationship with West African isolates in whole-genome sequence comparisons and with Western and urban South-and Central American isolates using MLSA Multi-locus sequence analysis. These BabA sequences were found to be under positive selection at several amino acid positions that differed from the global collection of isolates.

Gastric Cancer Prewarning and Early Diagnosis System

On tritium content in the Abramov glacier layers. Using the common pattern of the analysis of tritium in natural waters its concentration was determined in sampeles of annual layers of the Abramov glacier Pamir-Altai at the height of m above the sea level for The tritium activity was measured with the help of the liquid scintillation spectrometer with the 10 per cent accuracy. The nature of the obtained curve of the distribution of tritium in the Abramov glacier annual layers was close to its, distribution in glaciers of Greenland, in the Fedchenko glacier and in the precipitation of Teheran.

The absolute values of tritium concentrations in the Pamir glaciers are significantly lower than in glaciers of Greenlad. The maximum of tritium concentrations is observed in samples which correspond to , its value approximating to tritium units. Autoimmune gastritis: histology phenotype and OLGA staging. Among Western populations, the declining incidence of Helicobacter pylori infection coincides with a growing clinical impact of autoimmune gastritis.

To describe the histological phenotype of autoimmune gastritis, also to test the prognostic impact of OLGA staging in the autoimmune setting. A single-institutional series spanning the years of consecutive patients M:F ratio: Forty six biopsy sets 8. There were In autoimmune gastritis, the cancer risk is restricted to high-risk gastritis stages III-IV , and is associated mainly with concomitant H.

OLGA staging consistently depicts the time-dependent organic progression of the autoimmune disease and provides key information for secondary gastric cancer prevention strategies. Helicobacter pylori H pylori gastritis presents a risk of cancer related to atrophy and intestinal metaplasia.

A descriptive study of cases of chronic H pylori gastritis was performed. Significant correlation was revealed between age and OLGA staging. High-risk gastritis according to OLGIM staging was significantly associated with moderate to severe atrophy. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. In the case of Olga Kirsch this inner discord was rendered in her humanity. As second recognised Afrikaans woman poet, after Elisabeth Eybers, she was Jewish by birth and English-speaking, although by her own claim Afrikaans, through her environment and school, was stronger than the English of her parental home.

This retrospective study included GC patients and age- and sex-matched health screening control persons in a cancer centre hospital. The association was more significant for intestinal-type ORs, 4. As high OLGA and OLGIM stages are independent risk factors for gastric cancer, the staging systems may be useful for risk assessment in high-risk regions, especially for intestinal-type gastric cancer.

Memoirs written by Holocaust survivors and in some cases their testimonies retain a salience unmatched by other historical sources. The staging of gastritis with the OLGA system by using intestinal metaplasia as an accurate alternative for atrophic gastritis.

Capelle, Lisette G. AG remains a difficult histopathologic diagnosis with low interobserver agreement, whereas intestinal metaplasia IM is associated with high interobserver agreement. A case study in flow assurance of a pipeline-riser system using OLGA. In this paper, a case study in flow assurance is performed considering an offshore operating system, using the software OLGA.

As operating system we consider a pipeline-riser geometry with typical dimensions of offshore oil production systems, and a three-phase flow of oil, gas and water.

The model developed in OLGA considers the composition and dimensions of the tubes, heat transfer parameters, process equipment and fluid sources. The fluids properties are calculated using the software PVTsim. Simulations are ran in order to determine the pipeline inner diameter and insulation required to satisfy pressure and temperature requirements.

It is also possible to simulate the transient behavior of the system, which allows to evaluate if production instabilities are present. In case instabilities exist, two mitigation alternatives are evaluated: closure of a choke valve before the separator and gas lift. Considering a possible production shutdown, the tubes insulation is calculated in order to avoid hydrate formation.

Gastritis OLGA -staging and gastric cancer risk: a twelve-year clinico-pathological follow-up study. Intestinal-type gastric cancer GC still ranks among the high-incidence, highly lethal malignancies.

Atrophic gastritis is the cancerization field in which GC develops. The current histological reporting formats for gastritis do not include any atrophy-based ranking of GC risk. Ninety-three Italian patients were followed up for more than 12 years range: months. Clinical examinations, pepsinogen serology, endoscopy and histology also assessing Helicobacter pylori status were performed both at enrolment T1 and at the end of the follow-up T2.

There was a significant inverse correlation between the mean pepsinogen ratio and the OLGA stage test for trend; P gastritis OLGA -staging conveys relevant information on the clinico-pathological outcome of gastritis and therefore for patient management. Gaeggeler, H. Under both halogenating conditions, the homologuous element Hf passed through the column at higher temperatures than element , in agreement with expectations. This article examines the cinematic opus of Olga Zhukova who produced five feature films in the period — This article discusses her films, which were not well received by critics and accused of being pretentious and artificial, alongside another Soviet director, Iskra Babich — Olga Cossettini in the labyrinth of the political sociability of Santa Fe Argentina, Full Text Available This article's intent is to take into account the web of acquaintanceships that teacher and pedagogue V.

Olga Cossettini developed during the 's and early 's, thanks to which she was able to organize her educational project in the official educational structures of Santa Fe province of Argentina.

In a historical context marked by intervention and fraud, we intend to historically locate this educator, allowing the integral comprehension of said historical context's complexities; and also allowing the interpretation of what an experience such as Escuela Serena meant in a political climate that, a priori, one would have thought of as less than ideal for this type of pedagogical practices. Full Text Available Labelling perempuan dalam majalah remaja merupakan salah satu tindakan media yang merugikan perempuan.

Dalam tulisan ini, penulis mengkaji label-label perempuan, bentuk labelling, analisis teori feminisme psikoanalisis terhadap labelling untuk perempuan dalam majalah remaja. Dalam penelitian ini penulis menggunakan metode semiotik dan penelitian dilakukan terhadap majalah Olga.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa praktek pelabelan terhadap perempuan yang dilakukan oleh majalah remaja ditujukan untuk remaja perempuan dilakukan dengan empat kode yaitu tubuh seksi dan wajah cantik, pentingnya penampilan bagi perempuan, kondisi psikologis perempuan yang labil, dan peran domestik perempuan. Label-label ini dapat membentuk persepsi masyarakat tentang perempuan dan mengandung konsekuensi pengharapan kepada perempuan.

Penelitian ini menguatkan lagi tesis bahwa perempuan sering menjadi objek pelabelan. Label-label ini berasal dari kehidupan sosial perempuan dan diinternalisasi oleh perempuan. Labelling in woman in teenagers magazine is one of the mass media strategy that can harm woman.

Even though women normally do not recognize it. The purpose of this research is to describe the labelling practices in media analysed with the psychoanalysis feminism theory.

The research method used is semiotics and the research is conducted on Olga! The study strengthen a thesis that woman tends to be a labelling object. Statistical analysis was performed using RevMan 5. A meta-analysis of six case-control studies and two cohort studies, comprising subjects, was performed. The association between higher stages of gastritis defined by OLGA and risk of gastric cancer was significant.

This correlation implies that close and frequent monitoring of such high-risk patients is necessary to facilitate timely diagnosis of gastric cancer. As atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia as a result of Helicobacter pylori are considered risk factors for gastric cancer, it is important to assess their severity.

In the West, the operative link for gastritis assessment OLGA and operative link for gastric intestinal metaplasia assessment OLGIM staging systems based on biopsy have been widely adopted. In Japan, however, narrow-band imaging NBI -magnifying endoscopic diagnosis of gastric mucosal inflammation, atrophy, and intestinal metaplasia has been reported to be fairly accurate.

We enrolled 55 patients, in whom NBI-ME was used to score the lesser curvature of the antrum antrum and the lesser curvature of the lower body corpus. The NBI-ME score classification was established from images obtained beforehand, and then biopsy specimens taken from the observed areas were scored according to histological findings.

Furthermore, we assessed the NBI-ME and histology stages using a combination of scores for the antrum and corpus, and divided the stages into two risk groups: low and high. The degree to which the stage assessed by NBI-ME approximated that assessed by histology was then ascertained. Staging of gastritis using NBI-ME approximates that based on histology, and would be a practical alternative to the latter.

Serum pepsinogen PG test, as an indicator of gastric mucosal atrophy, reflects the functional and morphologic status of gastric mucosal and it is suggested to serve as a useful predictive marker for patients with gastric cancer GC. Results were presented as gastritis stage, serum pepsinogen level and Hp status. A total of non-atrophic gastritis and atrophic gastritis were analyzed, among which 40 were antrum atrophy, 32 were corpus atrophy and 82 were pan-atrophy.

Martin Pau. Evaluation of severity and extension of gastric atrophy and intestinal metaplasia is recommended to identify subjects with a high risk for gastric cancer. The inter-observer agreement for the assessment of gastric atrophy is reported to be low. The aim of the study was to evaluate the inter-observer agreement for the assessment of severity and extension of gastric atrophy using oriented and unoriented gastric biopsy samples.

Furthermore, the quality of biopsy specimens in oriented and unoriented samples was analyzed. A total of 35 subjects with dyspeptic symptoms addressed for gastrointestinal endoscopy that agreed to enter the study were prospectively enrolled.

From each subject two sets of biopsies were obtained four from the antrum, two oriented and two unoriented, two from the gastric incisure, one oriented and one unoriented, four from the gastric body, two oriented and two unoriented.

The samples were blindly examined by two experienced pathologists. Inter-observer agreement was evaluated using kappa statistic for inter-rater agreement. The quality of histopathology specimens taking into account the identification of lamina propria was analyzed in oriented vs. The samples with detectable lamina propria mucosae were defined as good quality specimens. Konverentsil esines ka president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

CERN Multimedia. Tallinna Vene Draamateatri galeriis esinenud trupi "Trio Fragile" vernissaazhist. Trio loomingust ja osalejatest : kahe muusiku seltskonnas esineb ka Vabbe, O. Maran, J.

Krasota vetshna! Tallinna Lilleballist ja rahvusvahelisest konkursist "Lillekleit". Kommenteerib projekti autor Tatjana Tridvornova.

The Diversity of Gastric Carcinoma

Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis by Biosensors. PubMed Central. Lung cancer causes an extreme threat to human health, and the mortality rate due to lung cancer has not decreased during the last decade. Prognosis or early diagnosis could help reduce the mortality rate. If microRNA and tumor-associated antigens TAAs , as well as the corresponding autoantibodies, can be detected prior to clinical diagnosis , such high sensitivity of biosensors makes the early diagnosis and prognosis of cancer realizable. This review provides an overview of tumor-associated biomarker identifying methods and the biosensor technology available today.

This is a timeline of the events relating to the discovery that peptic ulcer disease and some cancers are caused by H. In , Barry Marshall and Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery that peptic ulcer disease PUD was primarily caused by Helicobacter pylori , a bacterium with affinity for acidic environments, such as the stomach. As a result, PUD that is associated with H.

On tritium content in the Abramov glacier layers. Using the common pattern of the analysis of tritium in natural waters its concentration was determined in sampeles of annual layers of the Abramov glacier Pamir-Altai at the height of m above the sea level for The tritium activity was measured with the help of the liquid scintillation spectrometer with the 10 per cent accuracy.

Japan has long been a leader of research into the carcinogenesis, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of gastric carcinoma, which is still the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide.

On the death of a Great Man Like him, we should only feel deep concern and regret. For the record, Napoleon's grandfather, father, his brother Lucien, and three of his sisters also died from stomach cancer. The autopsy reported that Napoleon died from a perforation of the stomach caused by cancer. Which is true — are either correct, or perhaps neither? Since Napoleon's death on May 5, , hundreds of books, papers, lectures, reports, and prognostications have been written on the subject, most of which extremely partisan and vehemently emotional.

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Petronila C.

H. pylori is the primary cause of peptic ulcers and gastric cancer. In the and prolonged vomiting that goes far beyond typical “morning sickness”. P- Reviewer: Choe BH, Smith SI S- Editor: Qi Y L- Editor: A E- Editor: Zhang DN NCBI Education · NCBI Help Manual · NCBI Handbook · Training & Tutorials.


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