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Terrorism And Foreign Direct Investment In Spain And Greece Pdf

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For hundreds of millions of people in the developing world, the wealth generation that globalization was supposed to create has not trickled down to them. Whether the contributing causes are endemic corruption, hopelessly inefficient state enterprises, inadequate infrastructure, or an insufficiently developed private sector, this perceived inequality is helping to fuel the rise of global terrorism. What many in the developing world fail to recognize is that income inequality is a global phenomenon, not just negatively impacting the developing world.

Does Terrorism Affect Foreign Direct Investment?

Savunma Bilimleri Dergisi. Zotero Mendeley EndNote. In this process, thousands of people have been killed or wounded in over 4. However, the intangible economic costs and damages of them were ignored partially.

Accordingly, this study investigates the intangible economic aspects of the terrorist attacks in terms of foreign direct investments over the period towards Turkey as a developing country.

The findings of the Autoregressive Distributed Lag ARDL Bounds Test, which is designed by the results of Zivot-Andres Unit Root Test allowing a break in time series, indicate that there is not a statistically significant relationship between terrorist attacks and foreign direct investments both in the short-run and long-run at the national level.

The low share of terrorist attacks targeting business and investments as well as the low frequency, severity and geographically concentration degree of them could be potential reasons for these findings. However, potentially destructive impacts of terrorist attacks, which are frequently observed in the southeast of Turkey, should not be ignorable. Gujarati, D.

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Savunma Bilimleri Dergisi , 38 , IEEE N. Tam Metin. Savunma Bilimleri Dergisi :

FDI and Terrorism in the developing Asian countries: A panel data analysis

Foreign Direct Investment FDI inflows are distributed among the geographical regions and play a crucial role on the social, political and financial condition of the recipient country. Certain areas manage to attract more FDI and therefore underdeveloped, developing and transition economies make efforts so as to absorb increased FDI inflows and to improve the political and socioeconomic conditions, focusing on the political stability, the external conflicts and the terrorist attacks. The purpose of the present paper is to empirically investigate and discuss the correlation between FDI inflows and terrorism in the developing Asian countries during the period — We aim at evaluating the impact of terrorism on the FDI inflows in the Asian developing economies, taking into consideration that they ranked first among the top FDI recipient countries in , focusing on the cases of 5 countries of the region. We conduct a literature review on previous empirical studies and we present an empirical model to investigate the interaction between terrorist attacks and FDI inflows, using a panel data analysis. We argue that terrorism has a negative impact on the FDI inflows of the studied countries.

tional terrorism reduced annual net foreign direct invest- ment (NFDI) flows in Spain by percent and in Greece by percent. In this earlier study, the large.

The Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment in Kenya

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Does terrorism hamper FDI inflows? A pre and post 9/11 analysis

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This research intends to determine the role of terrorism in defying foreign direct investment FDI in top terror effected economies. Panel data on FDI and terrorism from top terror effected economies spanning from to were used and the relationship for whole sample was investigated. The results showed a negative but statistically insignificant impact of terrorism on the FDI inflows in the long run. The findings suggest several important policy implications for the terror affected countries and are further discussed in the study. Arif, I. Report bugs here.

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Does terrorism hamper FDI inflows? A pre and post 9/11 analysis

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FDI and Terrorism in the developing Asian countries: A panel data analysis




Their study investigated how transnational terrorism had affected FDI flows into Spain and Greece.2 Using net annual foreign direct investment (NFDI) data from​.


Shaminique G.

Terrorism and Foreign Direct Investment in Spain and Greece. Walter Enders · Search for more papers by this author · Todd Sandler. Prof. and Distinguished.


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