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Marine Mussels Their Ecology And Physiology Pdf

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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Seed, R. In: Bayne, B.

Eine grüne Insel der „Grünen Insel“

Pteriomorphia marine mussels Palaeoheterodonta freshwater mussels Heterodonta zebra mussels. These groups have in common a shell whose outline is elongated and asymmetrical compared with other edible clams, which are often more or less rounded or oval. The word "mussel" is frequently used to mean the bivalves of the marine family Mytilidae , most of which live on exposed shores in the intertidal zone, attached by means of their strong byssal threads "beard" to a firm substrate. In most marine mussels the shell is longer than it is wide, being wedge-shaped or asymmetrical. The external colour of the shell is often dark blue, blackish, or brown, while the interior is silvery and somewhat nacreous.

Eine grüne Insel der „Grünen Insel“

These seep mytilids harbor methanotrophic endosymbionts and use methane as both a carbon and energy source. Substantial differences were found in habital conditions, growth rates, and population structure for the mussels at the three sites examined. The growth rate of these seep mytilids reflects the methane concentration in their immediate habitat. In conjunction with measurements of growth rates, three condition indices glycogen content, tissue water content, and the ratio of ash-free dry weight to shell volume were used to determine the relationship between the condition of the mussels, their growth rates, and their habitat chemistry. The three condition indices were correlated with growth rate and were often significantly different between mussels in different samples.

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MARINE MUSSELS: THEIR ECOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY. International Biological Programme 10 Edited by B. L. Bayne, Cambridge University.

Marine Mussels: Their Ecology and Physiology

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Mussels represent an important food source in many parts of the world, including Europe, South America and the Far East, and they have considerable potential as a protein source for many developing countries.



MARINE MUSSELS: THEIR ECOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY. International. Biological Programme 10 Edited by B. L. BAYNE, Cambridge University Press,.



The effect of temperature and salinity on the physiological rates of the mussel Perna perna Linnaeus


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