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Chapter — 11 History New Empires and Kingdoms. These incljde gold and silver coins issued by Samudragupta and other rulers and accounts of writers like Fa-Xian. Fig: The Gupta Age. Rulers of Gupta Empire:.

NCERT History Class 6 – Notes of Chapter 11: New Empires and Kingdoms

Coin issued by Samudragupta Prashasti Prashasti is a special type of inscription on which praises to the king are inscribed. Samudragupta's Prashasti is one such example. It was composed by his royal poet Harishena. Prashasti shed light on various aspect of the state such as state boundaries, important cities, relationship with other states, socio-economic and cultural makeup of the state and so on, beside its main subject, the king. Genealogy Most prashasti also mention ancestor of the ruler and some are specially designed for describing them.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History Chapter 11 – New Empires and Kingdoms

These solutions for New Empires And Kingdoms are extremely popular among Class 6 students for Social science New Empires And Kingdoms Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. What do you think Arvind would have to do if he was acting as Samudragupta? If Arvind was acting as Samudragupta he would have to appear as a warrior, poet and musician. The Changes which we find in the armies of this time are the presence of military leaders who provided the king with troops whenever he needed them. These leaders were not paid salaries but were given grants of lands from which they collected revenue.

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At the end of the Solutions, all the keywords and Notes which are important to understand From New Empires and Kingdoms Class 6 History, have been explained in a simple and easy to understand manner. The land revenue remained an important factor for kings and villages were the basic unit of administration. The new administrative arrangements included:. Do you think ordinary people would have read prashastis? Give reasons for your answer.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History Chapter 10 "New Empires and Kingdoms" in PDF format and start preparing for your exam.

New Empires and Kingdoms Class 6 MCQs Questions with Answers

Harsha was the ruler of Kanauj. He tried to expand his rule beyond the river Narmada. His successive efforts were foiled by the Chalukya ruler Pulakeshin II.

We can learn about the Gupta rulers from their inscriptions and coins. Kumara devi, mother of Samudragupta belonged to the Lichchhavi gana. Pulakeshin II checked the advance of Harsha. The Pallavas and Chalukyas were the most important ruling dynasties in south India during this period.

The chapter begins with the description of the Gupta Dynasty that ruled a major part of India after the downfall of the Maurya Dynasty. We come to know about the famous ruler Samudragupta from the inscriptions on the pillar of the Ashokan Era discovered in Allahabad. The inscriptions were composed by Harishena, a minister and a poet present in the court of Samudragupta.

History - Class 6

During past few years, a number of surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement. Choose the correct option to complete the statements given below:. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to complete each sentence. State whether these sentences are true C or false F. Match the items in column A correctly with those given in column B. Who was Samudragupta? How do we know about him?

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NEW EMPIRES AND KINGDOMS. NEW EMPIRES AND uprooted, and their kingdoms were made a part of you will study in Class VII. Chapters 6 and 7).


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