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Show all documents Bipartite guidance, navigation and control architecture for autonomous aerial inspections under safety constraints 9, 1, 2, 4, 8, 12]. Despite already used for inspection tasks, mainly as remotely piloted vehicles, guidance , navigation and control GNC of drones is the object of continuous industrial research. Tech- niques depend on the performance required: long range UAVs, usually with fixed wing, perform their missions kilometres away from the base: position accuracy and obstacle avoidance are secondary when compared to turn planning [13] or the tra- jectory generation for these vehicles [14].

Guidance, Navigation and Control

The challenges are mainly associated with the level of miniaturisation. A docking mechanism was designed, built and tested in the laboratory.

Results show that a relative precision better than 1 cm and 2 degrees is required for the docking. The docking mechanism and metrology system, composed of a monocular camera and sets of light- emitting diodes, are contained within 0.

The chaser and target satellites have a complete 3-axis attitude pointing capability and are equipped with available CubeSats attitude sensors and actuators.

The chaser is further equipped with a 6 degrees of freedom low-thrust cold gas propulsion system. Different robust control schemes have been investigated and their stability and performance assessed.

Results show that the proposed GNC is robust to the various sources of uncertainties and that a lateral accuracy better than 5 mm is obtained at docking. Furthermore, it is not affected by the loss of the star trackers or by illumination conditions and can thus take place on a variety of orbits. Date Laboratories CTS. View Download.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC)

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Jump to navigation. The functions of Guidance, Navigation, and Control are vital to all forms of air and space flight. The Space History collections in this area attempt to reflect that significance and illustrate the breadth of the topic. In practice, these three functions blend into one another, and artifacts from this collection often perform multiple duties. For this collection, "guidance" shall refer to controlling a vehicle during acceleration or deceleration, mainly during the powered phase of flight, i.

Principles of Guidance, Navigation and Control of UAVs

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Advances in Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control

The challenges are mainly associated with the level of miniaturisation.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control Technical Committee

Among these systems, the GNC system communicates with all of the other components and controls the behavior of the components in order to complete a given mission. Therefore, a GNC system requires a high processing capability and multitasking capability and must support various communication methods. Sign In or Register. Advanced Search. Sign In.

Skip to main content. Table of Contents. No Access Examination of the optimal nonlinear regulator problem S. No Access Nonlinear control of a twin-lift helicopter configuration P. No Access Design of adaptive digital set-point tracking PI controllers incorporating recursive step-response matrix identifiers for missiles B. No Access Sensor placement in structural control H. No Access Modeling of non-collocated structural control systems V.

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The conference aims at promoting new advances in aerospace GNC theory and technologies for enhancing safety, survivability, efficiency, performance, autonomy and intelligence of aerospace systems. It represents a unique forum for communication and information exchange between specialists in the fields of GNC systems design and operation, including air traffic management. This book contains the forty best papers and gives an interesting snapshot of the latest advances over the following topics:. Each paper was reviewed in compliance with standard journal practice by at least two independent and anonymous reviewers. The papers published in this book were selected from the conference proceedings based on the results and recommendations from the reviewers. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Skip to main content. Guidance and Control Conference 11 August - 13 August Table of Contents. No Access Control of self-adjoint distributed-parameter systems L.

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