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Since no one knows the future, it seems fitting there are four different ways to express actions that will take place in the future. The differences in future verb tenses depend on whether the action will be ongoing or completed at a specific time. So, we might say, "Tomorrow, I will write ," or, "By tomorrow, I will have been writing for six days straight.

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English grammar – Will & going to

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Learn from professional teachers and put a bit of your own creativity into it! Rate this Category. This is a great activity that you can use as a warmer, as a review activity or even as a filler. It can be used in ANY level to practice any tense for affirmative, negative or questions. It's a g Beautifully illustrated flashcards for teaching travel English. This travel-themed set will brighten up the classroom, increase retention and provide an awesome visual learning aid.

The flashcard Review of the future tense in a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation may help you, the teacher, explain the future tenses or review them with your students. It contains explanations and exam This is a song worksheet to learn vocabulary and develop listening and speaking skills. After listening to the song twice, students fill in the gaps in the lyrics.

As it is a song with catchy ryth Peppa Pig Halloween. Pumpkin Competition rouLDogg. This worksheet is based on 'Peppa Pig' cartoon Halloween themed episode. It starts from the beginning of the video below and ends at It was made to revise Future Simple and Going To and to s Put BusyTeacher in your inbox. Where is Judy Going? Zootopia Board Game Adela Abd.

This board game is played after watching Zootopia. Students learn about Places in Town. It is expected that students can practice asking and giving information, such as "Where is she going? To play the game, cut out the cards on the second page and place the Future Forms EnglishTeacherSpich.

When you make it clear and teach them to visualise the situation it's easier for them. Going to Board Game Calambuzo. This boardgame is aimed at elementary or pre-intermediate learners and is designed to provide an opportunity to practise expressing future intentions.

Its use is self explanatory. It is a PDF fil This is a powerpoint presentation that I made using website resources that will hopefully help you introduce future tenses and your students learn about future tenses and practice exercises online This fun video activity is to practise future predictions. While watching a clip from the hit TV series Family Guy, learners have to make predictions about what they expect to happen next.

It is a nice song to revise past simple, will and be going to. Sts are asked to complete sentences with the correct form of the verbs. Going To Rania Foka. The worksheet is aiming at helping elementary students to practice the "going to" form both in questions and negations, having in mind that they've been taught the affirmative form.

They'll be pra Going to Worksheet BusyTeacher Contributor. Colorful worksheet for intermediate and pre-intermediate students. It includes 4 pages: an explanation of the rule and different kinds of exercises affirmative, interrogative and negative sentenc Song Worksheet: Chapel of Love mine Easy song to review present tense, future with going to, and will, with a fill in the gap exercise. Also the use of "gonna" instead of "going to". Students have to look up the meaning of new vocab Going To [Board Game] kateyy.

This is a board game created to practice 'to be going to' structure. Students need to fill in the gaps, answer the questions or make their own sentences to describe pictures. I found the blank bo I have prepared it for a clever boy of the 4th class 11 years old.

There is a text divided in some fragments about the history of the Victory Day and Arctic Convoys. The vocabulary is translated Future Tenses Revision Viktoriia. The idea of the game is taken from the English Teaching Professional magazine, Issue 76 September I have adapted it, namely, the sentences on cards deal with the ways of expressing future. The Future Theory carmensin. This is a simple and clear explanation of the tenses we can use in English to refer to future time.

It is a power point with only six screens. You can use all of them or the ones of the tenses you TV series Friends season 7, episode 11 to talk about New Year's Eve and resolutions for the coming year.

This lesson plan can include listening to the song 'Millennium' by Robbie Williams which mi A worksheet about the topic: future with going to. It's the second part of a previous worksheet. Students take a look at the pictures and should follow the example and drill the exercises. There a Students are given rules about this structure and there is a table with examples in the affirmative, interrogative and negative. Next students ar Submit a Worksheet. Previous page 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next page.

Please wait Currently Going To worksheets are listed on this page. This is another topic that your students may find rather easy but it is important to explain the difference in meaning conveyed by using going to instead of will so that they can express themselves more clearly.

This worksheet actually combines both forms of the future simple tense ; it would be ideal for students who have already learned both future simple structures. There is a variety of exercises as well as a summary of the uses of both forms. Do not feel obligated to complete the entire worksheet. Since the file is editable, you can just delete sections you do not want to use or add your own activities.

There are more worksheets in this section with some of them focusing entirely on going to so browse through this section before deciding what kind of worksheet you would like to use in class. YES, sign me up!

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Interactive Version - In this be going to interactive lesson, students complete a variety of exercises to help them learn how to use be going to for future plans, predictions and intentions. Interactive Version - In this going to or will interactive worksheet, students do an exercise where they practice using be going to for future plans and will for promises, offers, predictions and unplanned decisions. Interactive Version - In this future simple with will interactive worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to learn how to use will for spontaneous decisions, predictions, promises and offers. Interactive Version - In this future tenses interactive breakout room activity, groups of students use the future simple forms 'will' and 'be going to' to plan and present a holiday itinerary. Interactive Version - This will or going to interactive worksheet contains a variety of online exercises to help students practice or review will and be going to.

Date________________. Future Tense – “will” and “going to”. To speak about the future, you can use the following phrases: 1) Will. 2) Going + [infinitive verb].

Will - future predictions

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The future tense with will, also simple future , is one way of talking about future events in the English language. We can use the simple future with will to express a spontaneous decision, a prediction or a future event that cannot be altered. It is formed with the auxiliary verb will and the infinitive or base form of the main verb.

Will + infinitive – Simple Future in English Grammar

Quiz: Using "Will" and "Going to" to Talk About the Future

Looking for grammar resources to help consolidate the language points from the Inspired syllabus? Need extra practice resources for students who are struggling with grammar? Looking for further consolidation of grammatical skills?

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PDF worksheets, online exercises + grammar rules on will, going to and present continuous. Exercise 1: Complete sentences. 2: Compare these forms. Exercise.

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Here are some ways you can talk about your future plans and intentions in English.


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Interactive Version - In this be going to interactive breakout room activity, pairs of students practice asking and answering questions about their future plans using be going to.


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Put in 'will' or 'be going to': 1. A: We don't have any bread. B: I know. I. get some from the shop.


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Future tenses. Worksheets - pdf exercises. Future: be going to · Be going to - pdf exercises · Will / be going to - handout · Will - pdf exercises · Will vs going to.


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