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Linux Interview Questions and Answers

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If you are an expert at Linux operating systems then Linux jobs are the perfect choice to enhance your skills. Linux is an open source operating system that is freely distributable and is built around Linux Kernel and can be installed on mobiles, computers, laptops, video game consoles, and notebooks etc. To keep a track of all your dream jobs, subscription to our job portal is required.

Question 1. What Is Linux Shell? Answer : Linux shell is a user interface used for executing the commands. Shell is a program the user uses for executing the commands.

In UNIX, any program can be the users shell. Shell categories in Linux are: Bourne shell compatible, C shell compatible, nontraditional, and historical. Question 2. What Is Shell Script? Answer : A shell script, as the name suggests, is a script written for the shell.

Script here means a programming language used to control the application. The shell script allows different commands entered in the shell to be executed.

Shell script is easy to debug, quicker as compared to writing big programs. However the execution speed is slow because it launches a new process for every shell command executed. Examples of commands are cp, cn, cd. Question 3. What Is Kernel? Explain The Task It Performs. Answer : Kernel is used in UNIX like systems and is considered to be the heart of the operating system.

It is responsible for communication between hardware and software components. It is primarily used for managing the systems resources as well. Kernel is responsible for Process management. It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously allowing user to multitask. Kernel has an access to the systems memory and allows the processes to access the memory when required. Processes may also need to access the devices attached to the system.

Kernel assists the processes in doing so. Answer : A pipe is a chain of processes so that output of one process stdout is fed an input stdin to another. UNIX shell has a special syntax for creation of pipelines. The commands are written in sequence separated by. Question 5. Answer : Trap command: controls the action to be taken by the shell when a signal is received. Shift Command: Using shift command, command line arguments can be accessed. The command causes the positional parameters shift to the left.

Shift [n] where n defaults to 1. It is useful when several parameters need to be tested. Getopts command: this command is used to parse arguments passed.

It examines the next command line argument and determines whether it is a valid option. Here, optsring contains letters to be recognized if a letter is followed by a colon, an argument should be specified.

It is usually executed inside a loop. Question 6. What Stateless Linux Server? What Feature It Offers? Answer : A stateless Linux server is a centralized server in which no state exists on the single workstations. There may be scenarios when a state of a partilcuar system is meaningful A snap shot is taken then and the user wants all the other machines to be in that state. This is where the stateless Linux server comes into picture. Features: It stores the prototypes of every machine.

It stores snapshots taken for those systems. It stores home directories for those system. Uses LDAP containing information of all systems to assist in finding out which snapshot of state should be running on which system. Question 7. What Does Nslookup Do?

Explain Its Two Modes. Answer : Nslookup is used to find details related to a Domain name server. Details like IP addresses of a machine, MX records, servers etc. It sends a domain name query packet to the corresponding DNS. Nslookup has two modes. Interactive and non interactive. Interactive mode allows the user to interact by querying information about different hosts and domains.

Question 8. What Is Bash Shell? It is the default shell for most UNIX systems. It has a combination of the C and Korn shell features. Bash shell is not portable. It supports regular and expressions. When bash script starts, it executes commands of different scripts. Question 9. Answer : Process states in Linux: Running: Process is either running or ready to run. Interruptible: a Blocked state of a process and waiting for an event or signal from another process.

Uninterruptible:- a blocked state. Process waits for a hardware condition and cannot handle any signal. Question What Is A Zombie? Answer : Zombie is a process state when the child dies before the parent process. In this case the structural information of the process is still in the process table. Since this process is not alive, it cannot react to signals. Zombie state can finish when the parent dies.

All resources of the zombie state process are cleared by the kernel. Answer : System calls used for Process management: Fork :- Used to create a new process Exec :- Execute a new program Wait :- wait until the process finishes execution Exit :- Exit from the process Getpid :- get the unique process id of the process Getppid :- get the parent process unique id Nice :- to bias the existing property of process.

Answer : ls - list directory contents ls -l -l use a long listing format. Answer : ls -a -a, do not hide entries starting with. Answer : ps -au Myname -u by effective user ID supports names a - all users.

Answer : vi screen editor or jedit, nedit or ex line editor. Answer : ls -lac -a all entries -c by time. What Is A Filesystem? Answer : Sum of all directories called file system. A file system is the primary means of file storage in UNIX. File systems are made of inodes and superblocks. Answer : Internal commands are stored in the; same level as the operating system while external commands are stored on the hard disk among the other utility programs. Answer : The three main parts are the command, options and arguments.

Answer : An argument is what the command should act on: it could be a filename, directory or name. An option is specified when you want to request additional information over and above the basic information each command supplies. Answer : Online help provides information on each operating system command, the syntax, the options, the arguments with descriptive information. Name Two Forms Of Security. Answer : Two forms of security are Passwords and File Security with permissions specified.

Linux Interview Questions

Linux is referred to as the most used OS in the market for its efficiency and fast performance. So, you have wonderful opportunities as a Linux Developer. Here we have compiled Linux Interview Questions and Answers and presented them in this blog based on the opinion of Linux Experts. These Interview Questions will definitely help you in your interview. If you have attended any interviews earlier, and haven't found the same questions you have faced, then comment on those questions in the comment section, and we will add them to this blog.

Linux Commands Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced · 1) What is Linux? · 2) What is the difference between UNIX and LINUX? · 3).

Top 50 Linux Interview Questions For Beginners In 2021

Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you want to prove yourself in your career by getting into a reputed organization? Have a glance at wisdom jobs , that provides you with ultimate platform to choose your desired job.

Are you preparing for a Linux interview? We have prepared some of the commonly asked Linux interview questions and their answers. Linux is a free and opensource Operating system that is based on the Linux kernel. It's one of the widely used operating systems, especially in the server world and by developers.

What is tail command in Linux? Answer: tail command displays the last part of a file. Instead, you want to check what your logs say about the most recent request to your application. What is the alternative method to a GUI installation in Linux?

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Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. Hard Mount : After restarting the server keep on search nfs mount partition until found the device, if the device not found server not will not boot,. This command is the task manager of linux. We could able to find load average, memory usage, swap usage, total number of processes, CPU, Memory usage of each processes in sorted format. It defines the file to be considered as index file.

Linux Interview Questions: The interviews for developers often include questions on the basics of the Linux and other Unix based operating systems. Others who have interviewed for various posts usually document these questions. The answers might vary from person to person but the concept remains the same and this can only be understood when the person is clear on the basics of Linux. Linux is quite different from Windows but it has wide acceptance in some fields. Since it is open source software operating system, Linux is basically free and is used as a cross-platform operating system, which can easily be installed in PCs, laptops, video game consoles and more. This is what opens up many applications for Linux and thus a demand for talented and knowledgeable professionals who are aware of the field they are working in. You will know a lot of the answers to the given questions if you have worked with the OS for a long time.

The answer to question 2 in the intermediate section is wrong. Corrected version below: 2. How do you find how many cpu s are in your system and their details? Anonymous1, Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks again. Question 9 under Beginners is incorrect. Sorry to say but I would much rather get somebody on board who knows how to use info or man pages or google to find the answers to these questions then to know every details about unix commands from their head.

Linux Interview Questions & Answers

We have organized the most frequently asked Linux Interview Questions and Answers that help candidates to prepare for the Linux basic interview questions that an interviewer might ask you during your interview. In this list of interview questions on Linux, we have covered all commonly asked basic and advanced Linux admin interview questions with detailed answers to help candidates clear the job interview easily. This detailed guide of Linux interview questions will help you to crack the Linux Job interview. Another popular element in Linux is its mascot, a penguin figure named Tux. Unix originally began as a propriety operating system from Bell Laboratories, which later on spawned into different commercial versions.

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Linux Interview questions

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