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Population distribution is a term used to describe how humans are spread across the Earth. Population distribution across the Earth is uneven. Some areas are densely populated, whereas others are sparsely populated.

Population density in agriculture : standing stock or plant density is a measurement of population per unit area, or exceptionally unit volume; it is a quantity of type number density. It is frequently applied to living organisms , most of the time to humans. It is a key geographical term.

8 Factors Influencing the Distribution and Density of Population in India

Population Clock. Population Distribution Population distribution means the pattern of where people live. World population distribution is uneven. Places which are sparsely populated contain few people. Places which are densely populated contain many people. Sparsely populated places tend to be difficult places to live. These are usually places with hostile environments e. Places which are densely populated are habitable environments e. Population Density Population density is a measurement of the number of people in an area.

It is an average number. Population density is calculated by dividing the number of people by area. Population density is usually shown as the number of people per square kilometer.

The map below is a choropleth shading map and illustrates population density. The darker the colour the greater the population density. Some areas have a high population density while others have a low population density. This area contains a large land area and a relatively temperate climate. Factors Affecting Population Density There are a range of human and natural factors that affect population density.

The tables below illustrate this. Ganges Valley in India High land that is mountainous e. Himalayas Resources Areas rich in resources e.

Western Europe Areas with few resources tend to be sparsely populated e. The Sahel Climate Areas with temperate climates tend to be densely populated as there is enough rain and heat to grow crops e. UK Areas with extreme climates of hot and cold tend to be sparsely populated e.

Population Change The world's population is growing very rapidly. In the world's population reached 1 billion. In it reached 6 billion people. This rapid growth in population has been called a population explosion.

The major reason for population changes, whether in an individual country or for the whole world, is the change in birth and death rates. The birth rate is the number of live babies born in a year for every people in the total population. Death rates are number of people dying per people. When birth rates are higher than death rates the population of an area will increase.

Over the past years improvements in health care and sanitation around the world have led to a drop in the death rate. Therefore the number of people in the world has grown rapidly. Life Expectancy Life expectanc y is the average age a person can expect to live to in a particular area. Life expectancy can be used as an indicator of the overall 'health' of a country.

From this figure you can determine many features of a country e. As a general rule the higher the life expectancy the more healthy or developed a country is. The model is divided into four stages. Stage 1 Birth rate and death rate are high - low natural increase - low total population Stage 2 Birth rate is high - death rate is falling - high natural increase population growth Stage 3 Falling birth rate - low death rate - high natural increase population growth Stage 4 Birth rate and death rate is low - low natural increase - high total population The Demographic Transition Model does not take into account migration.

This information is displayed as an age-sex or population pyramid. This represents a high birth rate and high death rate.

Population pyramids of MEDCs More Economically Developed Countries typically have a roughly equal distribution of population throughout the age groups. The top obviously gets narrower as a result of deaths. Population pyramids for every country in the world can be found here. Population pyramids are used to show the structure of the population according to age and sex. Click here to see the three major types of population pyramid.

The video below provides a really good explanation of population pyramids and discusses how the world's demography is changing. Physical Factors. A popular beach in the USA. Online Activities [Online activities]: n Activities related to this topic.

World Population Growth. Population fling the teacher game. Population distribution match up activity. Population density match up activity.

High Density. Low Density. Relief shape and height of land. Low land which is flat e. Ganges Valley in India. High land that is mountainous e. Areas rich in resources e. Western Europe. Areas with few resources tend to be sparsely populated e. The Sahel. Areas with temperate climates tend to be densely populated as there is enough rain and heat to grow crops e. Areas with extreme climates of hot and cold tend to be sparsely populated e.

Human Factors. Countries with stable governments tend to have a high population density e. Unstable countries tend to have lower population densities as people migrate e. Groups of people want to live close to each other for security e. Other groups of people prefer to be isolated e. Limited job opportunities cause some areas to be sparsely populated e. Amazon Rainforest.

Population density

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. As in other parts of Africa, the population of Senegal has been increasing rapidly over the past several decades. This chapter traces the growth and distribution of the population of Senegal over the last 30 years and discusses briefly both interregional and international migration. From administrative counts, which probably underestimate the true size of the population, it is estimated that Senegal's population increased from about 1.

Character of population distribution is one of the focuses studied by urban geography. Using the fifth national census data as basic data and using areal interpolation method, this paper analyzes character of urban population distribution of Shenyang City, Northeast China, in terms of three aspects of statistical character, spatial auto-correlation and spatial structure. Furthermore, this research analyzes the factors affecting the population distribution of the city. The main conclusions include: 1 There is an obvious structure character of population distribution in the grid with a grain of m, which is appropriate scale when researching population distribution in Shenyang City. Spatial heterogeneity of population density is low. Population density distribution has multi-cores character.

Population distribution is a term used to describe how humans are spread across the Earth. Population distribution across the Earth is uneven. Some areas are densely populated, whereas others are sparsely populated. Areas with extreme climates such as hot and cold deserts make it difficult to grow crops and access water. Regions with dense vegetation cover, such as rainforests, provide challenges in terms of access and the lack of services make human inhabitation very difficult.

paper my aim is to study about population distribution in aspect of world Keywords: Population distribution, Population density, "Urbanisation in India" (​PDF).

Global Population Distribution and Urban Land Use in Geophysical Parameter Space

Population density methods provide promising time-saving alternatives to direct Monte Carlo simulations of neuronal network activity, in which one tracks the state of thousands of individual neurons and synapses. A population density method has been found to be roughly a hundred times faster than direct simulation for various test networks of integrate-and-fire model neurons with instantaneous excitatory and inhibitory post-synaptic conductances. In this method, neurons are grouped into large populations of similar neurons. For each population, one calculates the evolution of a probability density function PDF which describes the distribution of neurons over state space. The population firing rate is then given by the total flux of probability across the threshold voltage for firing an action potential.

Character and causes of population distribution in Shenyang city, China

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8 Factors Influencing the Distribution and Density of Population in India

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RГ©my C.

Apart from physical factors several social, demographic, economic, political and historical factors affect population distribution. In the case of Cambodia, civil unrest.


Giuseppa S.

Chapter The World Population. Distribution, Density and. Growth. The people of a country are its real wealth. It is they, who are the actual resources and make.


Malco R.

Distribution of the US population Consequences of population distribution The world's population density was 53 persons per square Census Bureau, available at hc4hcommunityfair.org​pdf.


Arienne R.

Current population growth is being accompanied by a significant change in human habitat.


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