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Spain Mallorca Sport Climbing And Deep Water Soloing Pdf

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Directions in Google Maps.

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Mallorca Psicobloc

Other photography as credited. Technical editor Stephen Horne. Printed in Europe on behalf of Latitude Press Ltd. Distributed by Cordee cordee. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without prior written permission of the copyright owner. The route is Octopussy 7a - page This route is one of many new additions to a set of walls on the shady north face which offer plenty for those operating in the 6th and 7th grades.

Its magnificent mountains and coastal scenery are endowed with majestic locations in which many fantastic crags reside. Add to this a fine climate, a wellestablished tourist trade plus friendly locals and you have an ideal destination for the travelling climber.

On a first visit to Mallorca most climbers will be astonished by the sheer quantity of rock on view - both in the mountains and on the coast - but the actual percentage of the crags developed is miniscule. Despite this there is still plenty to go at, though many cliffs are not in the most obvious locations. The mountains have their fair share of fine crags but many of the other cliffs are located down on the rocky east coast, or out on the dramatic peninsular of Formentor.

Come and test yourself on some of Europe's steepest and best tufa systems in a shady north-facing cave; have an easy day ticking pleasant slabby routes on a perfect sheet of compact grey rock; or pump out above the blue waters on a DWS - all while soaking up some summer or winter sun.

Over the years Mallorcan sport climbing has developed at a steady pace, somewhat reminiscent of the laid back lifestyle to be found on the island. It is almost as if the amount of rock available has been so overwhelming that the local climbers were spoilt for choice.

However, in the last few years the pace has picked up and there is now an increasing number of active climbers discovering and developing some amazing crags. Major new venues like Cala Llamp and Commune de Caimari have been opened up, and some older areas like S'estret and Sa Mola de Felanitx have seen many excellent additions.

One of the great attractions of a climbing trip to Mallorca is the island's compact size and good network of roads, which allow all the crags to be visited from any of the host of accommodation possibilities.

Mallorca's 'off-season' is the perfect time to plan a visit unless DWSing. The island's mild climate, discounted accommodation and low-cost flights make it a prime choice for a winter sun sport climbing visit. What could be better than a morning spent relaxing on a sublime beach, or exploring an exquisite mountain village, followed by as much world-class climbing as the body and skin can take, and all rounded off by an evening in one of the quiet ports sipping a beer on a terrace as the sun goes down?

Most of the routes are sustained wall climbs that pack in the technicalities on compact, off-vertical rock. The first Rockfax publication was in February and covered 12 sport crags across the island. This book is the seventh Rockfax publication and covers 34 sport crags and 16 DWS crags making 50 in total.

The routes in this guide are presented in the familiar full-colour Rockfax style which offers the clearest method available for locating and choosing your routes for the day. The information is as up-to-date as we can make it at the time of publication but new roads will be built, new routes will be climbed and new crags will be developed. There is something of a boom in new routing currently so it is likely that there may be a lot more new information over the next few years.

The App version of this book will be updated periodically - see page 8. If you find anything that is incorrect, out of date or confusing then please get in touch via the Rockfax web site - rockfax. Route Names In order to create unique identities for the routes in our databases, App and printed books, it is essential that they have a route name.

It hasn't always been possible to find local names for some routes and others are left without names by their developers. We have taken the liberty of giving names to all of the routes to aid in identification. In most cases, the 'invented' names are descriptive and inoffensive. If you know alternative names for these routes then please let us know via the Rockfax web site - rockfax. Guidebook Footnote The inclusion of a climbing area in this guidebook does not mean that you have a right of access or the right to climb upon it.

The descriptions of routes within this guide are recorded for historical reasons only and no reliance should be placed on the accuracy of the description. The grades set in this guide are a fair assessment of the difficulty of the climbs.

Climbers who attempt a route of a particular standard should use their own judgment as to whether they are proficient enough to tackle that route. This book is not a substitute for experience and proper judgment. The authors, publisher and distributors of this book do not recognise any liability for injury or damage caused to, or by, climbers, third parties, or property arising from such persons seeking reliance on this guidebook as an assurance for their own safety.

The cliff-rimmed peninsula of Formentor is a magnificent spectacle, seen here from the mirador parking that is used when approaching the Creveta cliffs. Formentor only has a few developed sport climbing venues but the photogenic El Fumat see page is located close to the distant summit in the background of this scene. The heart of the App is the Rockfax crag and route information which is downloaded by way of paid in-app purchases for individual crags, or bundles of crags, in 'Areas' which correspond roughly to printed guidebooks.

You can purchase each crag individually, or the whole book. The main data on the App is downloaded and stored on your device so you don't need any signal to be able to read the descriptions and see the topos and maps. There is a free sample crag for each area and some of these are quite extensive enabling you to get a really good impression of what the App is like, without shelling out any money. The Rockfax App itself is a free download and incredibly useful in its own right.

It contains a detailed crag map linked to the UKClimbing crags database currently with basic information and routes lists for around 20, crags worldwide. To find the App, search for 'Rockfax App' in Google or on the appropriate store. The current Rockfax books with App versions are shown on the inside back cover flap. This database lists more than , routes, over 19, crags and, so far, more than 28, users have recorded over 4.

To set up your own logbook all you need to do is register at UKClimbing. Once set up you will be able to record every ascent you make, when you did it, what style you climbed it in and who you did it with. Each entry has a place for your own notes. The logbook can be private, public or restricted to your own climbing partners only. A very good route, one of the best on the crag. A brilliant route, one of the best on the island.

A significant route which is one of the best of its type and grade in the book. Technical climbing requiring good balance and technique, or complex and tricky moves. Powerful climbing; roofs, steep rock, low lock-offs or long moves off small holds.

Sustained climbing; either lots of hard moves or steep rock giving pumpy climbing. Fingery climbing with significant small holds on the hard sections. Fluttery climbing with big fall potential and scary run-outs.

A long reach is helpful, or even essential, for one or more of the moves. Some loose rock may be encountered. Old bolts - do not climb. Routes without this symbol may have old bolts as well. A route which isn't fully bolted.

A rack of gear consisting of wires and cams is needed. Crag Symbols Angle of the approach walk to the crag with approximate time. Approximate time that the crag is in the direct sun when it is shining. The buttress has some multi-pitch routes. The crag is exposed to bad weather and will catch the wind if it is blowing.

The crag can offer shelter from cold winds and it may be a good suntrap in colder weather. The crag suffers from seepage. It may well be wet and unclimbable in winter and early spring.

The crag is steep and may well offer some dry rock to climb when it is raining. Deserted - Currently under-used and usually quiet. Fewer good routes or remote and smaller areas.

Quiet - Less popular sections on major crags, or good buttresses with awkward approaches. Busy - Places you will seldom be alone, especially at weekends. Good routes and easy access. Crowded - The most popular sections of the most popular crags which are always busy. Es gibt Routen in fast allen Schwierigkeitsgraden. Die Karten versetzen Dich in die Lage, zu den Felsen zu gelangen. Topos und Symbole veranschaulichen die Art von Routen in diesem Buch. Symbole Sehr lohnende Kletterei, eine der besten Routen an diesem Felsen.

Super Kletterei, eine der besten Routen im Gebiet. Eine der beliebtesten Routen in diesem Buch, Bestandteil der 'Top 50'. Kleingriffige Kletterei. Nach Regen lange nass. Menschenleer - Zur Zeit wenig besucht und meistens ruhig. Lohnende Routen und leichter Zugang. Zum Brechen voll - Die beliebtesten Massive, an denen oft Hochbetrieb herrscht. Recomendamos el uso de cuerdas de al menos 60 metros. Escalada de continuidad; muchos pasos duros o roca desplomada que hace la escalada agotadora.

Es necessaria llevar un juego de fisureros y friends. Se puede escalar en caso de lluvia. Desierto - Sector en desuso y normalmente sin gente.

Deep Water Rockfax Guidebook To Deep Water Soloing Rockfax Climbing Guide

For best results it should be printed on good quality A4 paper using a modern colour inkjet printer. See Problems below. We hope that you find the information useful, inspiring and accurate. Print-on-demand means that we will be able to keep the MiniGuides continually up-to-date but to do this we need your feedback. Please send any comments you have to feedback rockfax. Your subscription to this MiniGuide includes free updates to subsequent editions. Thanks again for your support.

MBC Documentary. Morris sur Dailymotion Amazon. Show your support UKC Supporter badge on your profile and forum posts. Deep-water soloing DWS , also known as psicobloc, is a form of solo rock climbing that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falls from the generally high-difficulty routes. Like most climbing, deep-water soloing is as exciting as you want it to be. At one end of the spectrum, you've got 'pretty spicy' climbing: so high above the Deep Water - the Rockfax guide to DWS King Lines DVD - featuring Chris Sharma's first ascent of Es Pontas, a spectacular free-standing arch in For deep-water soloing, spotting is even more crucial to having a safe and fun experience. The communication between the spotter and climber is The right gear is paramount to any climb.

Other photography as credited. Technical editor Stephen Horne. Printed in Europe on behalf of Latitude Press Ltd. Distributed by Cordee cordee. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without prior written permission of the copyright owner.

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Deep-water soloing in Mallorca, Spain: A rock climbing

M allorca is the Spanish winter sun destination favoured by many Europeans. It has been described in the past as Spain's answer to the Greek island of Kalymnos. For a long time Mallorca was primarily focused on sport climbing with early cardboard topo sheets creeping into the British bookshops in the mids and Chris Craggs' small but popular Mallorca guide expanding upon this. Subsequent Rockfax guides followed, but all were focused on the island's popular and stunning sport climbing.

Directions in Google Maps.

Spain: Mallorca : Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing by Daimon Beail

This section contains details of climbing guidebooks from all over the world, with links to each crag in the guides. You can use our quick form to Add a missing Guidebook. Any problems or comments, please get in touch with the Logbooks editor. Skip over navigation Logbooks Guidebooks. Climbing Guidebooks This section contains details of climbing guidebooks from all over the world, with links to each crag in the guides. Andorra 2 guides. Argentina 9 guides.

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Deep Water Soloing. Spain: Mallorca sport climbing and deep water soloing (DWS) destinations. Its magnificent Mallorca most climbers will be astonished by the sheer quantity of rock on view - both is a free download and incredibly.


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MiniGuide downloads are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat (or similar) to view or print. A further Mallorca. Deep Water Soloing. By Daimon Beail. Porto Cristo Novo support throughout making this guide); Miquel Riera (the Godfather of Mallorcan rock climbing; this Mallorca sits off the eastern coast of Spain.


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Discover the excellent rock climbing, sport climbing and deep water soloing (​DWS) to be found on the island of Mallorca - one of Europe's premier rock climbing.


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Mallorca Mostly Sport climbing 2, routes in area Various flight connections to Palma de Mallorca. Deep water soloing, Sport climbing and Bouldering.


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