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Making And Breaking Current Of Circuit Breaker Pdf

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LV switchgear: functions and selection. This is the value of voltage to which the dielectric tests voltage generally greater than 2 Ui and creepage distances are referred to. The maximum value of rated operational voltage must never exceed that of the rated insulation voltage, i.

LV switchgear: functions and selection. The choice of a range of circuit-breakers is determined by: the electrical characteristics of the installation, the environment, the loads and a need for remote control, together with the type of telecommunications system envisaged. The rated current of a circuit breaker is defined for operation at a given ambient temperature, in general:.

Other characteristics of a circuit-breaker

The rating of the circuit breaker is given on the duties that are performed by it. For complete specification standard ratings and various tests of switches and circuit breakers may be consulted. Apart from the normal working of circuit breakers, the circuit breaker is required to perform following three major duties under short circuit conditions. The rated voltage is depicted in KVrms and used phase to phase voltage for three phase circuit. Standard frequency is 50 Hz. Operating Duty — The operating duty of a circuit breaker consists of the prescribed number of unit operations at stated intervals. The operating sequence refers the opening and closing operation of circuit breaker contacts.

Facebook Twitter. Circuit Breaker Ratings:. A circuit breaker may be called upon to operate under all conditions. Every electrical equipment will have rating mentioned on it to avoid the damage of it. Corresponding to the above mentioned duties, the three ratings of circuit breake r are below. The breaking capacity is always stated at the r. The d.

Circuit breaker

Switching Equipment pp Cite as. Apart from custom-designed special equipment, the aim is the development of products that will be ultimately submitted to a type-test report in accordance with international and national standards. Research and development test requirements can vary depending on the stage of development, but the final aim is usually a design capable to withstand the standardized stresses of the standards in order to obtain a type-test report. The acceptance tests are carried out to verify the performance of withstanding non-standardized stresses that may occur under special conditions of power networks or under special environment and operation conditions requested by a user. Regarding short-circuit interruption tests, examples are TRVs beyond the standardized limits e. Usually, equipment has already been type-tested before being subjected to the additional acceptance tests.

As the rated short circuit making current of circuit breaker is expressed in maximum peak value, it is always more than rated short circuit breaking.

Selection of a circuit-breaker

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Ratings of Circuit Breaker | Making & Breaking Capacity

OLE Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection 6kA

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The peak value of current during the first cycle of current wave after the closure of circuit breaker is known as making capacity. To find making capacity multiply.


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A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit.



The capacity of a breaker to “make” current depends upon its ability to withstand and close successfully against the effects of electromagnetic forces​.


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Sub-transient period:.


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