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Rather than being a traditional novel with a neat linear structure and compact plot, Kanthapura follows the oral tradition of Indian sthala-purana, or legendary history.

Raja Rao’s novel Kanthapura - The example of uniting fiction and reality

Is this assignment or publishing new books for Raja Demm try to shortlist n give the main part. Give the exact thing that asked for Wednesday, 30 October Critical analysis of Kanthapura. Paper Name: Indian Writing in English. Paper: 4.

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Kanthapura Summary

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Kanthapura recounts the rise of a Gandhian nationalist movement in a small South Indian village of the same name. Achakka begins her tale by situating Kanthapura in its immediate landscape, the Western Ghats mountain range in southwest India that has recently become a center of the British colonial spice trade. Then she introduces the potters and weavers, who are largely turning to agriculture, and finally the pariahs , who live in decrepit huts at the edge of town. But caste does not always translate to wealth. Meanwhile, Moorthy convinces various villagers to start spinning their own wool and weaving their own khadi cloth, since Gandhi believes that foreign goods impoverish India and sees weaving as a form of spiritual practice. But Bhatta despises Gandhism, for his business runs on high-interest loans to small farmers who sell their rice to city-people.


A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Kanthapura is a novel by Indian author Raja Rao. Set during the early days of the Indian struggle for independence, the novel chronicles the impact of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on a small south Indian village named Kanthapura. The book is narrated in the form of a purana , or old manuscript, by an old woman of the village, Achakka.

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These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Kanthapura is the most prolific and idealistic novel written by Raja Rao. Rao wrote this novel while in France, which is typically miles away from his homeland India. The main character in this novel is Moorthy who is an educated youth from the metropolis. He convinces people to be part of the defiance freedom movement to get out of the colonial master's captivity.

Kanthapura is the most prolific and idealistic novel written by Raja Rao. Rao wrote this novel while in France, which is typically miles away from.


The village Kanthapura as the setting for the action 1. The characteristics of the village 1. Similarities between the author Raja Rao and Moorthappa, the protagonist of Kanthapura 1. Importance of nature and the meaning of legends and customs 2. Myths and symbols depict Gandhi 3.

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Segundo N.

The story is narrated by Achakka, an elder brahmin woman with an encyclopedic knowledge about everyone in her village; she tells the story in the meandering.


Alicia F.

Bhatta's economic power over Kanthapura is evident, as is the sharp division between the villagers' traditional ways of life, organized around the religious power of.


Niklas S.

Kanthapura is Indian both in theme and treatment. Raja Rao has shown to other Indians writing in English how best to express in a foreign art - form a sensibility.



Raja Rao 8 November — 8 July was an Indian writer of English-language novels and short stories, whose works are deeply rooted in metaphysics.


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