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Ptolemy II Philadelphus, second Macedonian king of Egypt BC , captured intellectual high ground by founding the Alexandrian Library and Museum, and cemented celebrity status by bankrolling his courtesans endeavours in Olympic chariot-racing. MorePtolemy II Philadelphus, second Macedonian king of Egypt BC , captured intellectual high ground by founding the Alexandrian Library and Museum, and cemented celebrity status by bankrolling his courtesans endeavours in Olympic chariot-racing. In this book scholars analyse a range of key aspects of Phiadelphus world. It picks up a bit on the weekend days, but contrast it to a place like Kharkiv. Letter to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke From the many just sentiments interspersed through the letter before me, and from the.


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Open Access Content. Contact us. Sales contacts. Publishing contacts. Social Media Overview. Terms and Conditions. Privacy Statement. Login to my Brill account Create Brill Account. The greatest of the Hellenistic kings of his time, Philadelphus exercised power far beyond the confines of Egypt, while at his glittering royal court the Library of Alexandria grew to be a matchless monument to Greek intellectual life.

This book examines Philadelphus' reign in a comprehensive and refreshing way. E-Book PDF. Login via Institution. Prices from excl. VAT :. View PDF Flyer. Contents About. By: Paul Mckechnie and Philippe Guillaume. Pages: i—xvi 16 total. By: Paul Mckechnie. Pages: 1—6 6 total. By: Oswyn Murray. Pages: 7—24 18 total. By: Dorothy J. Pages: 25—38 14 total. Pages: 39—64 26 total. By: James L. Pages: 65—90 26 total. By: Geoff W. Pages: 91— 12 total.

By: Matthew Trundle. Pages: — 14 total. By: Martin Bernal. Pages: — 4 total. Pages: — 7 total. By: Stanley M. By: Anatole Mori. Pages: — 22 total. By: Amos Kloner. Pages: — 12 total. By: Erja Salmenkivi. Pages: — 8 total. Pages: — 82 total. Pages: — total. Pages: — 46 total. Pages: — 20 total. Philippe Guillaume , D. Institutes, academic libraries, specialists and students in Classics, Papyrology, Egyptology, Archaeology and Biblical Studies.

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Ptolemy II Philadelphus and His World by Paul McKechnie

Theocritus's poem in praise of Philadelphus—at once a Greek king and an Egyptian pharaoh—is the only extended poetic tribute to this extraordinary ruler that survives. Combining the Greek text, an English translation, a full line-by-line commentary, and extensive introductory studies of the poem's historical and literary context, this volume also offers a wide-ranging and far-reaching consideration of the workings and representation of poetic patronage in the Ptolemaic age. In particular, the book explores the subtle and complex links among Theocritus's poem, modes of praise drawn from both Greek and Egyptian traditions, and the subsequent flowering of Latin poetry in the Augustan age. As the first detailed account of this important poem to show how Theocritus might have drawn on the pharaonic traditions of Egypt as well as earlier Greek poetry, this book affords unique insight into how praise poetry for Ptolemy and his wife may have helped to negotiate the adaptation of Greek culture that changed conditions of the new Hellenistic world. Invaluable for its clear translation and its commentary on genre, dialect, diction, and historical reference in relation to Theocritus's Encomium, the book is also significant for what it reveals about the poem's cultural and social contexts and about Theocritus' devices for addressing his several readerships. Preface Conventions and Abbreviations Introduction 1. Beginning from Zeus 2.

The article presents a newly commented translation of the hieroglyphic inscription on the statue of Ptolemy II Philadelphos from Bubastis, created several years after a countrywide Egyptian cult dedicated to Arsinoe II had been established. A victorious military journey to the coastal settlements of Asian countries at the beginning of the Second Syrian War BCE , accordingly provides an opportunity to reconsider and improve the current reconstruction of the military activities. Burova A. VMGU: Ser. Chauveau M. Devauchelle ed. Clarysse W.

Preliminary Material

Alexander the Great — bc king of Macedon — Perdiccas d. Cleopatra 69—30 bc. The name of all the Macedonian kings of Egypt. Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase.

Search this site. A trip and a half PDF. Academic Planner PDF. Acca 2.

In earliest times there was no distinction between a record room or archive and a library, and in this sense libraries can be said to have existed for almost as long as records have been kept. A temple in the Babylonian town of Nippur , dating from the first half of the 3rd millennium bc , was found to have a number of rooms filled with clay tablets, suggesting a well-stocked archive or library. Similar collections of Assyrian clay tablets of the 2nd millennium bc were found at Tell el- Amarna in Egypt. Ashurbanipal reigned — c.

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Глаза ее не отрывались от экрана. Мозг лихорадочно искал какое-то другое объяснение, но не находил. Перед ее глазами было внезапно появившееся доказательство: Танкадо использовал меняющуюся последовательность для создания функции меняющегося открытого текста, а Хейл вступил с ним в сговор с целью свалить Агентство национальной безопасности.

Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his World

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Angelette G.

Heir of Ptolemy son of Lagus, Alexander the Great's general (who took Egypt over in BC), Ptolemy II Philadelphus reigned in Alexandria from to


Babette L.

Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his world / edited by Paul Mckechnie and Philippe Guillaume. p. cm. -- (Mnemosyne supplements. History and archaeology of.


Mireille P.

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Channing Q.

In offering Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his World to the twenty-first century world, in conclusion, we decisively reject Callimachus' prejudice about a big book.


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