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Rancho Groups can then feedback to the class.

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This hands-on, United States of America educational game is a great way to play and learn the states for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template. Print the download in color on cardstock for not only durability, but ease of handling. The following page which you will print on the back side is a black and white page that labels both the state name and the correctly located state capital.

Notice the columns are flipped, that is so it prints on the correct back when you tell your printer to print on both sides and mark scale to fit. Looking for more fun, free, and engaging printables for teaching kids about the United States of America? Check out these USA resources:. Looking for more resources and free worksheets to teach students about geography for kids? You will love these coloring sheets, printable maps, books, activities and games:.

Beth Gorden is the creative multi-tasking creator of Homeschool 4 Me. As a busy homeschooling mother of six, she strives to create hands-on learning activities and worksheets that kids will love to make learning FUN! She has created over 1 million pages of printables to help teach kids ABCs, science, English grammar, history, math, and so much more! Beth is also the creator of 2 additional sites with even more educational activities and FREE printables - www.

Do you children know all 50 states? It is both low prep and easy to play! Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler — this handy United States game will make learning states and capitals fun. Use it as summer learning, extra practice, at a center in your classroom, learning US Geography with your whole family, or a supplement to your Classical Conversations Cycle 3 curriculum.

This low prep us states and capitals flashcards printable can be used two different ways:. State Matching Game by printing all pages from Page 20 is an optional front of the State Capitals Game you can print all the other sides of the pages you printed with page State Flashcards by printing pages front and pack.

One side will be in color and the flip side will be in black and white. Learning state capitals using a game makes it fun and engaging.

Plus, the more engaged children are the more they retain the material and want to repeat practicing the new information too! To play this game you will need to print all the color and black and white state cards on cardstock. To make the game look extra polished, print the optional cover on the back of each printed page. Using scissors, carefully cut the game pieces apart, their are 6 cards per pages and cards total — color and black and white piece for each of the 50 states.

The point of the game is to match the colored state shape tile with the correct black and white state name and capital tile. On your turn you flip over two tiles just like a traditional memory game. Have your child name the state or state and capital out loud for practice. If they are a match they get to keep the tiles, if not they turn them back over and it is the next players turn. If you make a match, you not only get to keep the tiles, but you get go again.

Continue taking turns flipping tiles over, repeating the state and capital names, and gathering matches until all the tiles have been claimed. The person with the most matches at the end wins! Kids can use the simple printable states and capitals flash cards to practice individually or with a friend to work on fluency naming each state and its capital. You can also drill the facts like you would with math facts by showing them the colorful side and seeing how fast they can name the state and for older elementary age students, the state capital too.

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Finding a free, attractive, and easy to print map for use in the classroom or as a study aid is not always so easy. This blank printable map of South America and its countries is a free resource that is ready to be printed. Whether you are looking for a map with the countries labeled or a numbered blank map, these printable maps of South America are ready to use. They are also perfect for preparing for a geography quiz. You can also practice online using our online map quizzes.

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European Capitals flash cards

A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach European countries, shared by English language teachers. This page shows a list of all European countries, capital and currency. If you want to learn more about the European countries in a fun way, check out our European flag quiz. Find more free printables at www. From SBI clerk Previous papers we can see that every year questions are asked from this topic.

The following list of the Spanish speaking countries and their capitals shows us just how many places officially use the Spanish language. Students will identify the Spanish-speaking countries on a map and match the countries with their capital cities in Spanish. Join a game Log in Sign up.

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This page was last edited on 7 February , at UTC. In this activity, students will practice matching all 54 African countries with their capitals, as they piece together the pieces of each tarsia puzzle. Students will match their answers with a separate puzzle piece until all the countries h. As the capital cities of their countries, these towns differ greatly in terms of safety, prices, health care, pollution level, and other conditions. Given below is the list of Countries and Capitals in alphabetical order.


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Countries+Capitals. All Countries and Capitals of the World. Country, Capital City​. Afghanistan, Kabul. Albania, Tirana. Algeria, Algiers. Andorra, Andorra la.


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