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Soil Problems And Their Solutions Pdf

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Soil Problems and Solutions

Soil problems are a major cause of low production levels in many cropping ventures. Farmers with little or no knowledge of the basic soil problems, apply ineffective remedies raising the cost of production without any resultant benefits in both the short and long term, to the farmer.

The post presents the basic soil problems and simple and most effective ways of an amendment. Soil without organic matter may have poor water retention, drainage issues, little to no organism activity, failing crops, among others. This condition makes it almost impossible to crop on such soils. You can remedy this by incorporating compost into the soil. Spread 3-inch-deep compost layer and incorporate it into 3 to 6 inches of soil.

You should apply fully decomposed compost to prevent the decomposition process from depriving crops of certain nutrients. You can additionally grow cover crops during fallow periods to encourage soil biota activity. Moreover, you can practice crop rotation and conservation agriculture. This, as one of the basic soil problems, is common to sandy soils. If your soils dry out too quickly, you can add compost. This will add both nutrients and increase the water retention capacity of the soil.

Compost that is not fully decomposed may harm your plants as it continues to break down. You can practice no-till under conservation agriculture.

This will also help to improve water retention and reduce water loss by evaporation. This is usually caused by the compact nature of soil particles which do not allow good drainage of water.

You can amend this by incorporating sand or gravels into the soil. The addition of sand or gravels will also require that you add organic materials to address soil nutrients problems.

Avoid adding sand to clay soils. This mixture can set up like concrete. It is recommended that clay soils should be amended with approximately 0. However, the rate for non-clay soils may vary depending on the choice of the amendment and the soil type.

Additionally, you may also dig around crop areas to allow the water to drain from the crop areas. Again, practice no-till on such soils. Many farmers use lime to address the issue of soils with low pH acidic soils. In an already established area, lime can be incorporated by rainfall or irrigation.

The advice of the soil-testing expert may be required. Wood ash should be applied more cautiously as an excess of it can raise the potassium level in the soil and prevent plants from absorbing other nutrients. It is recommended that you use not more than approximately 1kg per 9square meters.

For soils with high pH from soil test results, apply elemental sulphur and iron sulphate. The rate of application depends on the type of soil and you may need the recommendation of a soil-testing expert.

Apply the elemental sulphur about a year before planting because the elemental sulphur reacts slowly with the soil. Alkaline soils require continual buffering, so you must monitor soil pH each year and apply the necessary amendment. For perpetual alkaline soils, you can also grow crops which are tolerant to high pH. If you confirm that your soil has excess salinity after soil testing, you can apply gypsum and elemental sulphur.

The rates of application for gypsum and elemental sulphur may vary depending on the type of soil. The rates of application, therefore, must be recommended by the soil testing expert. Be careful not to apply gypsum to sandy or acidic soils. This can cause mineral deficiencies in plants. Poor drainage may also be a cause of sodic and saline soils. In this case, you may apply compost, sand or gravels as in soils that are too wet. Drain off the water that is logging. Soil Problems Post inspiration: hobbyfarms.

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Construction Problems And Solutions Pdf

Pollution pp Cite as. Pollution is an imprecise concept that is difficult to define satisfactorily. Rather than add to the many definitions that have been attempted, I shall discuss methods of improving contaminated soils and of avoiding such contamination, taking the point of view that ideally agricultural chemicals should not persist in biologically active forms for longer than necessary for their intended effects and should be free from undesirable side effects. Although this discussion is limited to soils, it must be emphasised that soil cannot be considered in isolation, and a process that simply passes a persistent chemical on to another part of the environment is not an allowable solution to the problem of soil pollution. Failure to consider the fate of a chemical once it has left the immediate area where it was applied has contributed to many of the most difficult problems in the past.

Simply put, it is when topsoil, which is the upper-most layer of the ground, is moved from one spot to another. Why this matters is because topsoil is the part of the land that is highest in organic matter and best suited for farming and other fertile activities, which is why soil erosion can have the greatest impact on farmers and agricultural land. Essentially, all life depends upon the soil … There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together. When farming activities are carried out, the topsoil is exposed and is often blown away by wind or washed away by rain. According to Wikipedia ,. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process on all land.

Common Soil Problems

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Matthew N.

We tend to look skywards when talking about pollution, but this problem is not confined to our skies.


Marthe L.

It is widely recognised that environmental problems such as soil degradation erosion and desertification affects many agricultural lands globally.



Soil problems are a major cause of low production levels in many cropping ventures.



Bare soil prone to erosion.


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