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Senescence and Aging in Plants

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Leaf senescence is a very important trait that limits yield and biomass accumulation of agronomic crops and reduces post-harvest performance and the nutritional value of horticultural crops. Significant advance in physiological and molecular understanding of leaf senescence has made it possible to devise ways of manipulating leaf senescence for agricultural improvement. There are three major strategies in this regard: i plant hormone biology-based leaf senescence manipulation technology, the senescence-specific gene promoter-directed IPT system in particular; ii leaf senescence-specific transcription factor biology-based technology; and iii translation initiation factor biology-based technology. Among the first strategy, the P SAG12 -IPT autoregulatory senescence inhibition system has been widely explored and successfully used in a variety of plant species for manipulating senescence. This technology is approaching commercialization. The transcription factor biology-based and translation initiation factor biology-based technologies have also been shown to be very promising and have great potentials for manipulating leaf senescence in crops. Finally, it is speculated that technologies based on the molecular understanding of nutrient recycling during leaf senescence are highly desirable and are expected to be developed in future translational leaf senescence research.

Plant senescence

Provvidenza M. Cellular senescence plays a very important role in organismal aging increasing with age and in age-related diseases ARDs. The identification of interventions able to prevent the accumulation of senescent SCs in the organism or to pretreat cultured multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells MSCs prior to employing them for cell therapy is a main purpose of medical research. Many approaches have been investigated and resulted effective to prevent or counteract SC senescence in humans, as well as other animal models. In this work, we have reviewed the chance of using a number of herb-derived products as novel tools in the treatment of cell senescence, highlighting the efficacy of these agents, often still far from being clearly understood.

Senescence and Aging in Plants reviews the state of knowledge in the processes involved in plant senescence and aging. The book begins by discussing the emergence of senescence as a concept; experimental analysis of senescence; and patterns of senescence. It then examines membrane deterioration during senescence; photosynthesis in relation to leaf senescence; senescence of detached plant organs; changing patterns of nucleic acid and protein synthesis during senescence; and degradative and associated assimilatory aspects of nitrogen removal. This is followed by chapters on aspects of ethylene that may impinge upon its role in promoting senescence of higher plants; the role of cytokinins in plant senescence; the promoters and retardants of senescence; and the role of calcium in plant senescence. The concept of whole plant senescence is discussed, which can be subdivided into patterns, correlative controls, cessation of vegetative growth, declining assimilatory processes, assimilate partitioning, and hormonal controls. The final chapters cover the deterioration of cellular membranes during the plant aging process and seed aging.

Plant senescence is the process of aging in plants. Plants have both stress-induced and age-related developmental aging. Leaf senescence has the important function of recycling nutrients, mostly nitrogen, to growing and storage organs of the plant. Unlike animals, plants continually form new organs and older organs undergo a highly regulated senescence program to maximize nutrient export. Programmed senescence seems to be heavily influenced by plant hormones. The hormones abscisic acid , Ethylene as a plant hormone ethylene , jasmonic acid and salicylic acid are accepted by most scientists as promoters of senescence, but at least one source lists gibberellins , brassinosteroids and strigolactone as also being involved. Genome-wide comparison of mRNAs expressed during dark-induced senescence versus those expressed during age-related developmental senescence demonstrate that jasmonic acid and ethylene are more important for dark-induced stress-related senescence while salicylic acid is more important for developmental senescence.

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Herb-Derived Products: Natural Tools to Delay and Counteract Stem Cell Senescence

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Stem Cells International

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The growth of the vascular plant depends upon the activity of meristems, which are, in a sense, always embryonic.



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The word senescence can refer either to cellular senescence or to senescence of the whole organism.


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