anunnaki gods of earth and nibiru pdf

Anunnaki Gods Of Earth And Nibiru Pdf

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Zecharia Sitchin J — October 9, was an author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient misterkeks. Drawing form Sitchin,Z. Ea sent Abgal to Nibiru again with this disappointing yield of gold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. EMBED for misterkeks.

Wars of the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki also transcribed as Anunaki , Annunaki , Anunna , Ananaki and other variations are a group of deities of the ancient Sumerians , Akkadians , Assyrians , and Babylonians. Since the second half of the twentieth century , they have been the subject of pseudoarchaeology and conspiracy theories. The name Anunnaki is derived from An , [2] the Sumerian god of the sky. The Anunnaki were believed to be the offspring of An and his consort, the earth goddess Ki. The Anunnaki are chiefly mentioned in literary texts [9] and very little evidence to support the existence of any cult of them has yet been unearthed. The ancient Mesopotamians believed that their deities lived in Heaven , [19] but that a god's statue was a physical embodiment of the god himself. The earliest known usages of the term Anunnaki come from inscriptions written during the reign of Gudea c.

No, we will be way beyond that by the end of the next decade, with the 9th billion scheduled barring accidents for at the current rate of growth. His plan is for the Anunnaki to leave the Earth, en masse, and return to Nibiru, leaving the earthlings to their own fate. Most important is the fact that it reveals the potential return of the Anunnaki in , and the most frightening transformation that it would bring to the earth. A major book on the Anunnaki's world, secrets, return to Earth in , and involvement in humanity past, present and future. Junk DNA as its called by modern science contains dormant genetics that separate us from. Covid vaccine rollout slowly begins across Africa as Tanzania opts out.

In the early s, over thirty thousand tablets were found in the ancient biblical city of Nineveh that included the Assyrian palace reliefs, the library of Ashurbanipal, and the Enuma Elish also known as the Seven Tablets of Creation that tell the story of the formation of the world and humanity and of the Anunnaki, gods who arrived from the heavens to create the human race. In a comprehensive study, Sonny Ramirez reveals translations of the findings as well as new discoveries in a passionate search for the truth about the origins of humankind as he attempts to piece together the Anunnaki connection and ultimately discover whether the gods of Earth, men, and Nibiru are still with us today. Anunnaki Gods of Earth and Nibiru share and analyze ancient texts that will encourage others to open their minds, imagine the unimaginable, and dream of the possibilities that an endless universe can hold. Sonny Ramirez has a passion and love for world history, ancient history, ancient civilizations, mythologies, and the what-ifs and the what-can-bes in life. Anunnaki, Gods of Earth and Nibiru is his first book. Account Options Sign in.

Anunnaki Of Nibiru Pdf

The author explains how the Anunnaki came to Earth from the planet Nibiru seeking gold to repair their ozone layer. Using genetic engineering, they created modern humanity to do their mining work and installed themselves as our kings and our gods. Anunnaki god Enki had a fatherly relationship with the first two humans. And she reveals how we will be doomed to repeat this dynamic until humanity awakens to our true origins. Chris H. Hardy, Ph.

In the early s, over thirty thousand tablets were found in the ancient biblical city of Nineveh that included the Assyrian palace reliefs, the library of.

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The Anunnaki. As I noted in my open letter to Zecharia Sitchin, I have challenged him and other ancient astronaut researchers to produce one line of one cuneiform text that demonstrates his ideas about the Anunnaki are really in the Sumerian texts. I want to see one line of one text that says things like the Anunnaki inhabit a planet or inhabit Nibiru, or that the term "Anunnaki" means "people. Download Free PDF. Ali Sarwari-Qadri.

By Gerald Clark. How are World Leaders and the Pope involved? This book will shake the foundations of your belief system The NWO is tearing down sovereign nations and establishing a universal governing council right before our very eyes Will the Enkiites thwart Enlil's NWO? Zecharia Sitchin was right all along! This book is dedicated to my wife and soul mate Christa.

Anunnaki War

About The Lost Book Of Enki Pdf

For over , years we have been slaves of giant aliens. The Anunnaki fell to Earth. They made humans mine gold. They fought with nuclear weapons. They founded our religions,We worship them. They are the Elohim, men of Great Renown. We built temples for them.

Humankind has been attempting to answer complex questions for thousands of years. Is there a God? Where do we come from? Is there life somewhere else? Are we alone?

The Anunnaki Of Nibiru Pdf

Humankind has been attempting to answer complex questions for thousands of years. Is there a God? Where do we come from?

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The Anunnaki of Nibiru


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