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Ancient Black Magic Spells And Rituals Pdf

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The black magic Spell Book

Like so much else in this bizarre case which has been quietly making history in the last four years it has receded silently into the mists of memory. Simon had been a monk, a priest, later an abbot and finally a consecrated bishop of this Eastern Church, becoming ordained even before he graduated high school. Coming from a Slavic background his grandparents fled the Austro-Hungarian Empire he acquired a broad knowledge of several foreign languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Slavonic, Greek, Latin and even Mandarin Chinese.

This ability enables him to communicate with people from many races and nationalities as well as to probe the mysteries of religion and magick in the ancient manuscripts and worn leather books from many long-forgotten lands.

As a young priest, he found himself called upon to perform exorcisms among poor ethnic families in the sometimes seedy and dangerous New York City neighborhoods that were his parish. He had faced evil many times in his life, and battled with the devil himself in his many disguises.

They had not quite made history yet, those two renegade monks who had unwittingly made it possible for Simon to be one of the first human beings to actually hold the notorious spellbook in his hands.

But they would. Shortly thereafter, headlines in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor and other papers across the country proclaimed the awful truth.

His two brother monks had been arrested for committing the biggest rare book heist in the history of the United States. It was only one of hundreds and hundreds more they had stolem from universities and private collections across the United States and Canada. The two monks would eventually serve time in a federal prison for their offense. And Simon would be left with the task of deciphering what appeared to be an ancient book of spells dating from the ninth century, A.

Barnes had been a student at the university of Colorado when he began painting the bizarre works of aliend landscapes that have become his hallmark to all who know him now. Somehow, he knew the book had to exist. In some form. He knew it was not a mere fantasy of Lovecraft's - for the very concept of such a book held a power all its own. Then one day in , a friend, whom we can identify only by his initials B. Jokingly, he asked the proprietor, Herman Slater, if such was the case.

Friends and business associates told both Simon and his new partner, L. Barnes, that the project was doomed to failure. That it was too expensive. That it would never sell. And that they would be stuck with a cursed book of evil magick for the rest of their lives. They were proven wrong. In a year, the first edition sold out even though it was retailing for fifty dollars a copy.

In less than a year, the equally expensive second edition was sold out and a third edition was just printed in The brilliant artist and creator of the sets for the movie Alien, H. Giger, has come out with his own Necronomicon; a series of paintings based loosely on the subterranean concepts of H. Stephen Skinner mentioned it in his introduction to the Enochian Disctionary, and Francis King has mentioned it in his introduction to the Armadel, a reprint of a spell book of the Middle Ages.

However, these same forces are in actuality no more than the long-forgotten psychic abilities of humanity, retained over millions of years since the first human walked the earth and was in intimate communication with the powers of nature, the heavens, and the animal kingdom.

These forces are the remnants of ancient gods worshipped by the earliest recorded Western civilization: the Sumerians, a race that disappeared mysteriously from the face of the earth over four thousand years ago. The spells concerning the Fifty Names of the Sumerian God Marduk were chosen because of their universal appeal to the basic needs and desires of every human being; Love, Wealth, Peace of Mind, Protection Against Enemies, and Wisdom being among them.

The Editor felt that the benefits to be derived from the use of these spells should not be restricted to those who have the time and the academic background necessary to follow the entire complex system through to its end; a process that would take most people over a year to perform properly. Instead, in the following pages, a simple mathod of using the names, words and seals of Marduk has been outlined and demonstrated so that anyone can follow the process easily and with success.

So, we urge you not to put off using the spells that make up half of this report. There is no reason why you should sit back and wait for someone else to pick it up and later tell you how great it worked, how wonderful the results are, how fast your wishes can come true.

No one knows who the Sumerians really were, or where they came from. Some say they came from the darkest parts of Africa, where they were a nomadic people. Then, suddenly, in less than a hundred years they became a full-fledged agricultural society with cities and farms and beautiful temples that reached to the skies.

Almost overnight, the Sumerians became a people. Now, after literally thousands of years, this secret mystical system for winning power, love and success is made available to everyone. Of course, the original spells were in the Sumerians' own language, but thanks to the team of translators who worked with Simon on the decipherment of the manuscript, we can now understand what the spells were about and how to work them properly in English. But, in order to work properly, some Sumerian words have been kept because they are known as 'words of power'.

A 'word of power' is a word that contains power in itself; in its very pronunciation, in the sounds that comprise it. It cannot be changed, or else its power would be lost forever. Hence, we have kept the original Sumerian words of power in their original state, with the sounds intact. Some of them may look difficult to pronounce at first, but take it very slowly and you will derive much benefit from it. These are the words once spoken thousands of years ago in the Sumerian temples to summon cosmic forces of such scope that the mind clearly balks at trying to picture the rituals that must have accompanied them in those days.

So take the time and trouble to learn the correct way to pronounce the words you want to use. The effort will pay off a hundredfold when you actually employ your ritual. Once you have found the spell you wish to use from the following seals and descriptions, make a copy of the seal on fresh, clean paper with black ink. You make the seal as large or small as you wish. Keep it in a safe place until you are ready to use it, and never, under any circumstances, let another person look at it, before or after you use it.

It is for your eyes only. Choose a quiet evening and a place where you will not be disturbed for your ritual. The best time is about three in the morning, when distractions both natural and psychic are at their lowest intensity. Have your seal ready in front of you. Light two white candles and place them at either side of the seal on a table or desk.

If you care to, light a stick of incense. Pine or sandalwood is best, or cedar. The Moon should be waxing, but in cases of emergency this is not necessary. Any time will do. When this has all been arranged, sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the goal you want to achieve. Concentrate on the goal at the same time, seeing it as a picture if possible. A picture of yourself sitting in a pile of cash, or with your arms around a loved one, or withing a protective circle.

Then, slowly raise your eyes, without lifting your head, to the heavens and say, slowly and clearly:. Then slowly lower your eyes back to the seal in front of you and stare intently at the drawing, at the same time forming a clear mental image of the end you are trying to achieve.

Do not pay any attention to any strange or eerie feelings you may experience at this point. They are common with this type of ritual and are no cause for alarm.

It is important that you do not break concentration for any purpose whatsoever, so ignore the odd sounds and sensations that might accompany the performance of any of these rituals. They are simply the weak attempts of enevolved psychic entities trying to disrupt your ritual. They are not worthy of your attention. When you have passed a few moments this way, and you feel your concentration beginning to wane, then close the ritual with the following prayer:.

Take three more deep breaths, then stand up if you have been sitting , and walk a few steps around the room looking at all the objects that might be there: furniture, pictures, etc. This serves two purposes, one: it helps to solidify your astral body if the preceding ritual has caused it to become overly sensitive to passing vibrations, making it weak and vulnerable, and two: it distracts the conscious mind from the basically unconscious process that the ritual has just begun.

Now, return to the table on which your seal has been placed. Take the seal you have just made and cover it, or turn it over, or put it away somewhere where no one will see it. The seal has been charged, in a subtle way, and now can no longer be used for any other purpose except what it was consecrated to do in your ritual.

You must not use the same seal twice for different goals, although you may use it twice for the same goal, in case you wish to repeat your ritual the following night. It is best not to repeat it for more than three consecutive nights for reasons it would be too complicated to explain here.

Extinguish the candles and place them where you will find them easily for your next ritual. They can be used again for any ritual, but must never be used for simply lighting the room. Do not use these candles for other rituals that is, from other spellbooks or for any mundane purpose. You must take these rituals quite seriously, and treat the tools you use in a ritual with the same respect a carpenter has for his saw and hammer, or a plumber for his wrench or a priest for his Bible.

In a way, by using these rituals, you have become a kind of priest or priestess yourself for you have joined a select order of initiates that has been practicing these and similar mystical rituals since the beginning of recorded history. Most of our readers and students have found it enormously valuable to keep a written record of all rituals they perform, so that they can easily assess what their results are by using any particular ritual or spell. But later, as time goes by and more and more of your spells are working, with phenomenal results, it's good to go back and look through your magickal diary to see just how wrong you were about coincidence and to prove to yourself once and for all that, yes, magick does work!

According to Sumerian mythology, Marduk was the God who defeated the Ancient Ones long before the creation of matter as we know it. You will come across these names in the description of the Fifty Names, which were titles given to Marduk by the Elder Gods after he had helped them to defeat the Ancient Ones.

This is nothing less than the Biblical story of the war in heaven and the fall of Lucifer; and, in fact, it was recorded by the Sumerians even before there was a Jewish religion, as the Sumerians were the first civilization in the Middle East and their holy books and legends became the basis for much that we read in the Old Testament.

The Tower of Babel, for instance, is very probably the Ziggurat or temple of Babylon. Several of the Names do not have Words. The Lord of Lords, Master of Magicians. His name should not be called except when no other will do, and it is the most terrible responsibility to do so. It is not wise to use it on any other occasion, of flippantly in way.

Knows all things since the beginning of the World. Knows all secrets, be they human or divine, and is very difficult to summon. This warning should, of course, be taken seriously.

Ancient Magic and Ritual Power

Egyptian Grimoire Osirica brotherhood is the root of all mason societies, dating back to B. Hardbound in black leather with hand tooled scenes from Ancient Egyptian Myths. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Grimoire of Gaia 3. Luna were designed to catch the rays of the sun at dawn, representing the creation of. The major and minor scales may be music-education stalwarts, but they sound a bit academic when used over chord progressions. The right is always harder than the easy, and it never comes without some effort.

Slavic Witchcraft Pdf. M 17 Mid-term Break. In the past, Craft secrets of this nature have been highly guarded, and publication ofthem would For anyone looking for a solid education in Witchcraft, Paganism, and magick, this book will prove to be a. The old Slavic sexual traditions are quite contradictory, some celebrating sexual freedom and connection with the Earth, while the others are built on the idea that lust is the core reason for all the evil in the world. They light candles, burn incense, and, much to their surprise, they successfully summon Satan! Cooper Square Publishers, Inc. The dead actually became minor deities in Slavic paganism Fedotov 17 , and worship of the deceased was a central part of their practices.

Free Book of Spells PDF: Printable Rituals, Potions & Spells

Wrap yourself in a luxurious and soft chenille hug and feel the warmth of the blanket that hugs you back! With over 50 fabrics to choose from, 8 sizes, and the ability to make almost any custom size, it is magical. Read the psalm and then put the petals of the flower under the bed. According to Catherine Yronwode, "Anna Riva" was a nom de plume that Dorothy Spencer used only in her writing and business; Anna was her mother's name and Riva was her daughter's name.

Heka referred to the deity, the concept, and the practice of magic. Since magic was a significant aspect of medical practice, a physician would invoke Heka in order to practice doktorkkv. Spells crafted by members of the Kemetic Temples based on Ancient Egyptian Heka magic The ancient Egyptians recognised the reality of evil in many different forms. Because written words had heka, owning books or scrolls and reading them gave you more heka.

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Egyptian Grimoire

Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living

The only contents found in a grimoire would be information on spells, rituals, the preparation of magical tools, and lists of ingredients and their magical correspondence. While the term grimoire is originally European and many Europeans throughout history, particularly ceremonial magicians and cunning folk , have used grimoires, the historian Owen Davies noted that similar books can be found all across the world, ranging from Jamaica to Sumatra. It is most commonly believed that the term grimoire originated from the Old French word grammaire , which had initially been used to refer to all books written in Latin. By the 18th century, the term had gained its now common usage in France, and had begun to be used to refer purely to books of magic. Owen Davies presumed this was because "many of them continued to circulate in Latin manuscripts". However, the term grimoire later developed into a figure of speech amongst the French indicating something that was hard to understand.

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By activating a healthy practice of Positive Magic, we tune in to our Inner Light.


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Like so much else in this bizarre case which has been quietly making history in the last four years it has receded silently into the mists of memory.


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