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Adaptive Antenna Arrays Trends And Applications Pdf

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The target data rate for the next generation wireless communication network will be around 1Gbps.

Adaptive Antenna Arrays

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. The growth in the use of wireless communication has led the demand of communication channels which can give improved spectrum utilization [1]. Thus, the smart antenna technology is widely used to improve the system capacity and performance. The signal processing in the smart antenna is meant to estimate the direction of arrival i. The DOA of smart antenna estimates the direction of the interferer signals against the desired user. This estimation helps to adjust the weights of ABF by which radiated power get maximized towards the respective users and also the radiation nulls can be introduced in the interference signals directions [4]. The ABF can enhance the significant signals and also suppresses the interferences by performing the spatial filtering over the array element.

Multi-User Interference Suppression by Using Frequency Domain Adaptive Antenna Array

Q: What is adaptive nulling vs. What are the advantages and disadvantages? They can provide anywhere from 15 to 90 dB of jamming rejection depending on the specific architecture used. Their main disadvantage is that they require an array of antenna elements, each spaced about four inches apart center to center , and thus are physically large. Two general types of adaptive array antenna are used with GNSS receivers: single-output nulling antennas and multiple-output beamsteering antennas.

Enormous progress has been made during the past five decades in the area of adaptive array processing. Increased computational power has resulted in many practical applications of optimum algorithms. The present paper deals with many facets of array signal processing and adaptive beam forming. It provides a comprehensive description of various beam-forming schemes, adaptive algorithms to adjust the required weighting on antenna elements, direction-of-arrival estimation methods, including their performance comparison. The effects of various types of errors on the performance of an array system are illustrated along with their remedial measures. Since array signal processing has widespread applications, the study is carried out across various disciplines.

One of the most challenging problems in recent antenna engineering fields is to achieve highly reliable beamforming capabilities in an extremely restricted space of small handheld devices. In this paper, we introduce a new perspective on single-radiator multiple-port SRMP antenna to alter the traditional approach of multiple-antenna arrays for improving beamforming performances with reduced aperture sizes. The major contribution of this paper is to demonstrate the beamforming capability of the SRMP antenna for use as an extremely miniaturized front-end component in more sophisticated beamforming applications. To examine the beamforming capability, the radiation properties and the array factor of the SRMP antenna are theoretically formulated for electromagnetic characterization and are used as complex weights to form adaptive array patterns. Then, its fundamental performance limits are rigorously explored through enumerative studies by varying the dielectric constant of the substrate, and field tests are conducted using a beamforming hardware to confirm the feasibility. The results demonstrate that the new perspective of the SRMP antenna allows for improved beamforming performances with the ability of maintaining consistently smaller aperture sizes compared to the traditional multiple-antenna arrays.

Adaptive Antenna Arrays, Multi-GNSS Tropospheric Monitoring, and High-Dynamic Receivers

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Adaptive Antenna Arrays, Multi-GNSS Tropospheric Monitoring, and High-Dynamic Receivers

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Trends in Adaptive Array Processing

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Multi-User Interference Suppression by Using Frequency Domain Adaptive Antenna Array

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