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Clegg, Joe D.

A microcomputer is a small, relatively inexpensive computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit CPU.

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A minicomputer , or colloquially mini , is a class of smaller computers that was developed in the mids [1] [2] and sold for much less than mainframe [3] and mid-size computers from IBM and its direct competitors. The class formed a distinct group with its own software architectures and operating systems. Minis were designed for control, instrumentation, human interaction, and communication switching as distinct from calculation and record keeping. Many were sold indirectly to original equipment manufacturers OEMs for final end use application. During the two decade lifetime of the minicomputer class — , almost companies formed and only a half dozen remained.

John Cairns, Jr. This paper discusses the possibilities of providing an early warning biological monitoring system for continuously assessing water and wastewater discharges. The present incorporation of computer technology has yielded an efficient and inexpensive system. By interfacing such technology to today's alarm and telephone communications systems, spills can be detected with enough time to prevent their ever reaching receiving systems. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Let us discuss Microcomputer, Microprocessor, and Microcontroller in this article and also to highlight their respective differences in between. A microcomputer can be defined as a small sized, inexpensive, and limited capability computer. It has the same architectural block structure that is present on a computer. Present-day microcomputers are having smaller sizes. Nowadays, they are of the size of a notebook. But in the coming days also their sizes will get more reduced as well.


Image Courtesy : lerablog. The smallest among them are micro computers. They are small in physical size most of them are desktop system; however, notebook micro computers that can fit into a briefcase are also available. They are economical in terms of costs and are friendly in use. These computers can be used for small data processing jobs of bigger companies or serve as complete computer systems for small firms. PC can also be connected with bigger computers and be used as an intelligent terminal to a bigger computer. The details regarding their applications in business are included in the last section of this book.

The series is written from the viewpoint of the librarian faced with a rapidly changing technology which currently offers more possibilities than proven operational applications. The intention is to provide an appreciation of the possibilities for using microcomputers in libraries and the factors which influence performance and hence choice of system. The second article will consider hardware and operating systems. The final article discusses implementation and the likely longer term effects of microcomputers on library operations. This first article introduces readers to the terminology and overviews the subject matter of the series and some of the key issues which will be raised. Introduction", The Electronic Library , Vol.

PDF | On Oct 11, , Hadeel N Abdullah published Lecture 1: departments of a large company or organizations use Mini-computers for.

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Definition : Micro Computer is a small computer. Your personal computers are equivalent to the microcomputer. Mainframe and Mini Computer is ancestor of microcomputer. Integrated Circuit fabrication technology reduces the size of Mainframe and Minicomputer. All these components are important for a proper working of microcomputer.

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Computers: Micro, Mini, Mainframes and Supercomputers (820 Words)

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7. Microcomputer Hardware. 7. Systems Software. Programming Languages. The User Interface. Types of Microconputers. 3.

The microcomputer in the library: I. Introduction

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