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What Is Network Topology And Its Types Pdf

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Network Topology: 6 Network Topologies Explained & Compared

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Network Topology. Nikhil Gupta. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Bus Topology gies, types of Network Topologies and their advantages and In the bus topology each and every device is connected to disadvantages over each other.

This document also covers about factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the topology a backbone or trunk. The ends of cables are terminated by for your network and the impacts due to those factors. Usually Coax cable is used in this topology. Only one computer is able to send data on the bus at a time and has only unidirectional flow of data.

This makes I. Main line or trunk failure shuts the entire network down while Network Topology refers to the physical layout of inter- single computer issues can be solved without disturbing entire connection between the network devices.

Computers linked network. When it has only two nodes i. It is a term that is commonly used in network basic design. Physical Topology Physical Topology means spatial configuration devices in- cluding cables, device location and their arrangement over the workstation. It directly impacts the capabilities of the network. Network Topology Diagram B. Logical Topology This topology is quiet cheap and easy to install due to no Logical Topology or Signal Topology is the communication need of extra hardware also the cable required is less.

Coax between network media no matter what is the physical inter- cable are durable and gives a good performance in harsh connection between the hardware elements. In short the way environment. Upgrading the network is quiet easy just a the data transfers or path traversed by data packets over the T connector is required. It works well for small network Physical Topology. It is the easiest topology to connect network derives in linear way.

Point To Point limits on speed due to bandwidth constraints and is unable to move data between the nodes. It does not perform well in This is the most basic network topology consisting of a heavy traffic condition, provides less security because every direct point to point connection between two computers and computer can see all data transmission.

Problem identification peripherals devices. In this topology the devices monopolizes and troubleshooting is very hard.

Main cable breaking leads to splitting of network. It can be of three types, Simple: unidirectional flow C. Star Topology of signal, half-duplex: bidirectional but not at same time, Full- duplex: bidirectional and can take place at same time. Star Topology is one of the most popular topology among all of the others.

The in turn broadcast the signal to all peripherals devices. Star most important benefit is that it does not require any server to topology can be implemented using Coaxial cable, optical control the network connectivity between workstations. It has fiber or Twisted pairs. This topology provides every computer equal access to every resource. This topology is slower then star topology because every Addition and Removal of derives from the topology is very message goes through every computer.

This also make it very easy to troubleshoot disturbing the entire network. It uses MAUs and network in case of failure. Failures are very easily managed until cards which are expensive in comparison to Ethernet or hub. It gives high performance with fewer nodes and has a high tolerance. The speed of E. Mesh Topology the network largely depends on capacity of central hub and cable performance. It is very uncommon in this network that Mesh Topology is formed by the setting up a point-to-point packets get stuck in between.

There are two popular techniques money to install because of additional cabling at the center. Twisted cables are not as immune to interfaces as destination using the table of working channels i. Finding the fault is very easy in this Security high high low high topology. Due to lots of connection it makes installation cost Response Time Low Moderate High Low high and configuration difficult.

Hybrid Topology As the name implies hybrid topology is the combination D. Ring Topology of two or more simple topologies. It includes the merits and demerits of individual topologies.

This topology is designed in another device and the last one is connected to first one such a way to optimize the network according to its usage to form a closed loop.

Every WorkStation is connected on pattern like Mesh can be used at the central level of topology both sides. Data from one computer to other on other end and extending it via bus , this will reduce the overall cost of of ring is send using repeaters. Although ring topology network. This ensemble of topologies helps to make a hybrid Data is transferred with the help of tokens in a sequential bit that has easy fault detection and troubleshooting, easy by bit manner.

But it leads to a complex design and increase in installation work. Token Passing: Every packet of information sent contains It sometimes increase cost due to need of hub that can work a specific address by the source called token. By the help with different architecture. It need large costly infrastructure, of these tokens computers in between the source and the cooling and cabling.

It happens until the packet reaches its destination. Tree Topolgy Tree topology sometimes referred as hierarchical topology Ring topology is a very cheap and very easy for installation is a most common kind of hybrid topology made up of as compared to other topologies while its upgrade procedure Star and bus topology.

It contains levels of hierarchy with is difficult and affects the entire network. There is very less a root node or central level. Its branching factor is independent of total number of devise in Topologies define both Physical and Logical view of the the network. The total number of point to point connections network. They can be same or different. Network Topology are one lesser then the total number of hardware elements.

In determines what kind of functions it can perform and what the relative comparison of nodes performance those nearer to quality of communication it do. It is not necessary that logical root performs better than those far from it. The choice of Topology depends on factor such as Cost, This topology is widely used as compared to others. It Expansion, Security, and Bandwidth Capacity, Delay or data provides a benefit of point to point connection of individual flow efficiency, ease of fault finding and many more [1].

This topology is bit difficult to configure and This in turns impacts Equipment requirement, Capability of reliability depends on backbone line. Equipment, network management and growth. Table-1 shows the relative comparison of how different topologies perform for different factors.

Networks in work places usually implement Bus Topology. There are many other hybrid topolo- gies like Fat-Tree, Dragon Fly etc. It is not always possible to implement a low cost, high performance, highly reliable and secure hybrid topology in every network. In larger networks reliability and security are major consideration while in small building networks cost plays a major role.

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What Is Network Topology And Types Of Topology Pdf

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When a device needs to transmit, it reserves the token for the next trip around, then attaches its data packet to it. Ring Topology. Ring Topology. Advantage of Ring.

Network Topology

Network Topology is the schematic description of a network arrangement, connecting various nodes sender and receiver through lines of connection. Bus topology is a network type in which every computer and network device is connected to single cable. When it has exactly two endpoints, then it is called Linear Bus topology.

Network topology is the description of the arrangement of nodes e. No matter how identical two organizations are, no two networks are exactly alike. However, many organizations are relying on well-established network topology models. Network topologies outline how devices are connected together and how data is transmitted from one node to another. A logical network topology is a conceptual representation of how devices operate at particular layers of abstraction.

Network topologies describe the methods in which all the elements of a network are mapped. The topology term refers to both the physical and logical layout of a network. In this network topology tutorial, we will explain: What is Topology? Types of Networking Topologies Two main types of networking topologies are 1 Physical topology 2 Logical topology Physical topology: This type of network is an actual layout of the computer cables and other network devices Logical topology: Logical topology gives insight's about network's physical design. In this method, the network consists of a direct link between two computers.

Types of Network Topology

Network topology is the arrangement of the elements links , nodes , etc.

Types of network topology

Topology is derived from two Greek words topo and logy, where topo means 'place' and logy means 'study'. In computer networks, a topology is used to explain how a network is physically connected and the logical flow of information in the network. A topology mainly describes how devices are connected and interact with each other using communication links. Network topology defines the layout, virtual shape, or structure of the network, not only physically but also logically. A network can have one physical topology and multiple logical topologies at the same time. In this blog, we will mainly concentrate on physical topologies.

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Network Topology: 6 Network Topologies Explained & Compared

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Type of Network Topology: Bus, Ring, Star, Mesh, Tree, P2P, Hybrid

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