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As a Slayer, Gotrek seeks a glorious death in battle to atone for his unknown sins. Felix, bound to him by a Dwarven blood-oath sworn after a drinking binge, is tasked with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death. Felix, however, has long since come to adopt the opinion that "anything capable of killing the Slayer would finish me off shortly afterwards".

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Free download of bookworm for pc Gotrek and Felix: The Fourth Omnibus

The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask Within these pages you will find the untold tales of the adventuring duo, some of which undoubtedly even they would rather remain a secret.

From the wastelands of the north to the mystical cities of Araby, and from the orcs of Karak Azgal to the ogres of Skabrand — their exploits are recalled and their legend grows. Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology can be purchased direct from this website and GW mail order, Games Workshop and other hobby stores, and better bookstores. Published by the Black Library.

All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited, in any form, including on the internet. For more details or to contact us visit the Black Library website: www. They hurried to the ropes and heaved mightily to pull their brothers up. Migrunsson fell in with the rest, holding down a hand to haul a gunner over the rail and then pulling at another rope.

Gotrek, Agnar and Felix started forward to help, but before they had taken a step, the singing of the rails rose in volume and a clattering rumble added to it. The whole chasm shook with the noise. Felix looked up at the twisted ends of the rail-line.

Dust was shivering from them and they twitched like insect antenna. The rumble became a roar, drowning out the hoarse cries of the dwarfs, and then, as if the cliff face had vomited a string of iron sausages, a long train of mine-carts shot out of the tun- nel mouth and arched down in freefall, straight at the bridge. Felix watched in horror as the carts, all filled to the brim with rocks and boulders, crashed down amongst the scattering dwarfs and punched through the bridge like a massive cannon ball, smashing it in two.

Half the dwarfs fell instantly, dropping away with the shattered stones, or dragged over the edge as the carts snagged their ropes. The others scrabbled to get clear, but they had done their sabo- tage too well. With the centre of the span gone, and the rest of the supports weakened, the remains of the bridge could not stand.

As the dwarfs crawled for the ends or climbed their ropes, the stones fell out from under them, toppling after the broken centre like sand running out of an hourglass. The gunners, the cannon crews, and Migrunsson too, trying even to the last to push the others to safety, plummeted away towards the glowing red line, ropes and harnesses trailing after them, their howls of rage rising on the hot wind.

Gotrek stood at the broken end of the span, ten paces out from the wall of the chasm, clutching the railing with one hand, and gripping Agnar by the wrist with the other. The old slayer was dangling over the abyss, his face as grey as river clay.

Gotrek gave him a nasty grin. The old slayer grunted and pushed himself to his feet. Henrik stepped forward to help him. The slayers dodged left and right, and Henrik hunched back towards the archway with Felix. They looked up. The same spindly shadow was backing into the darkness of the rail tunnel, reloading as it went. Gotrek snatched up a chunk of rubble from the edge of the bridge and heaved it up after it.

The rock vanished into the arch and an angry squeal echoed from the hole. Gotrek, Felix and Agnar all looked at each other and backed under the lee of the arch.

Two of the wagon drivers stood in the opposite arch, peering across at them. There is a marksman above us. One shouted from the shadows. We can get you across. We should find them and discover their plans. The way he spoke of it, it sounded as simple as going to the baker for some bread, not making their way through trackless, troll- and orc-infested catacombs without guide or map.

If we can find the trail of the assassin above us, he can find their lair. He was staring directly at Henrik.

The rememberer caught the look square between the eyes and stumbled at its fierceness. Gotrek looked him up and down. Felix jumped between him and Gotrek. Agnar and Henrik started after him, glaring at his back.

Felix sighed and looked across to the drivers. Tell him he fights skaven as well as orcs. Good luck to you. Felix and Henrik followed Gotrek and Agnar as they stumped forward, exploring side pas- sages and debris-strewn stairways, looking for a way up to the rail-line tunnel and the trail of the skaven long-gunner.

The whole party moved in a sullen silence, the recent squabbling suspended but most decidedly not forgotten. Felix could practically see the waves of anger pulsing between Agnar, Henrik and Gotrek. And he was fairly angry himself. As far as Felix could remember, Gotrek had given Henrik no cause to be angry — at least no more cause than the brusque slayer normally generated.

The rememberer seemed to have developed his dislike for him in an instant. What was the reason for it? After a lot of dead ends and backtracking, the slayers eventually found their way up to the rail-line tunnel above the broken bridge, but the skaven gunner was long gone.

Its spoor, however, was not. Tracks in the dust led back along the twisted rails and its greasy rodent stink lingered in the air.

They followed the tracks along the rails and through an ancient foundry. Ten great stone smelting furnaces squatted along the walls of a long, rubble strewn room — one of them had exploded some time in the distant past, and its stones were scattered all over. A dozen or so mine carts sat on the rails that ran past the smelters, or lay smashed and toppled on their sides.

In the centre of the room, they found a wide area of overlapping skaven tracks. Some were the usual, narrow dewclawed imprints, but some were bigger, with heavier claws. The prints went back and forth from the rails to the piles of rubble around the exploded smelter.

Gotrek nodded. Henrik just hummed his annoying tune. Gotrek fell in beside him, and the party followed the tracks down a broad stair to a lower level, then through a series of chambers that seemed to have been dwarf clan halls and common areas — galleries, meeting halls, feast halls — each larger and grander than the last. There was more ancient damage here — ceilings fallen in, walls crumbled. One room was charred black, and the stone pitted as if by acid.

Another was filled with the skeletons of goblins, hundreds of them, all mounded at the edges of the room, as if they had died trying to escape something in the centre. As they descended to the next level, the copper tang of recently spilled blood and the stench of skaven and acrid chemicals grew so strong that Henrik and Felix covered their mouths.

Gotrek shook his head. This is… something else. Between the dusty work tables and forges lay the bodies of scores of human warriors, their faces and bodies twisted in attitudes of agonising rictus, and the lanterns they had carried still burning. Felix stepped into the room to examine them more closely, then stepped back, gagging. Whatever poison had killed the men still lingered in the air, and it burned his eyes and nose. Their blood is still fresh. The eyes of the corpses bulged from their sockets, and bloated black tongues stuck from their mouths.

The blood was still pooling beneath them. Splintered wood on the other doors of the room. One still had an axe buried in it. The men had tried to cut their way out. What a horrible way to die.

As did that one. And him too. But how did they come here? He thought it would be better to take the fight to the orcs, and said he would send the best of his recruits to kill Stinkfoot in his lair. Agnar shook his head. To send his best men to die in a skaven trap. He shivered too. Another level down and things got more confusing. The area was a warren of clan burial cham- bers and treasure vaults, all mostly ransacked and desecrated.

Tracks of all kinds wound through the halls — the boots of men, the hind-claws of skaven, the calloused feet of orcs, the paws of huge beasts — and Felix lost the trail of their particular skaven entirely, but Gotrek still seemed to be on the scent.

A while later the tracks of men, dwarfs and skaven all but vanished, and those of the orcs multiplied. The sour, fungal reek of the greenskins grew thick in the air, and rough symbols were daubed on the walls in blood and dung. These depicted fists, axes, skulls, but most of them had been crossed out, and a crudely drawn foot with wavy lines rising from it drawn on top.

This way. He gripped the edges of the hole and pulled himself through. It was a tight squeeze, and he scraped his naked torso front and back before he called for the rest to come ahead. Henrik swallowed and pushed his lantern through before him.

(PDF Download) Gotrek & Felix: The First Omnibus (Gotrek & Felix Novels) PDF

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Or will she self-destruct? I felt there was a lot of drama to be mined there, and there was! ToW: What were your main influences when writing these stories? The master of the swashbuckler was a guy named Raphael Sabatini, who wrote a lot of novels that got turned into Errol Flynn movies, including The Sea Hawk and Captain Blood. Check them out if you want to see the birth of the genre. ToW: How do you feel the series as a whole fits together? Did your vision for the whole thing change over the course of writing all of the books?

Realmslayer Warhammer Age of Sigmar Audio Warhammer Gotrek audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio book torrent.. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Series: Gotrek Gurnisson, Book With their friendship in tatters after a series of betrayals, Gotrek and Felix march south at the

Gotrek and Felix - The Black Library

Gotrek and Felix Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the setting, appearing in a series of novels written primarily by, secondarily. As a Slayer, Gotrek seeks a glorious death in battle to atone for his unknown sins. Felix, bound to him by a Dwarven blood-oath sworn after a drinking binge, is tasked with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death. Felix, however, has long since come to adopt the opinion that 'anything capable of killing the Slayer would finish me off shortly afterwards'. Together they have travelled the length and breadth of the Old World and beyond, fighting against all manners of evil from orcs to undead to the forces of Chaos so that Gotrek might finally fulfill his Slayer Oath by dying in battle.

Download eBook. Apr 13, - But what we really needed was a full novel, and that's what Josh Reynolds' Road of Skulls did. Jul 10, - Gotrek and Felix race to the dwarf hold at Karak Kadrin, finding it besieged by one of the grand armies of Chaos under the command of Warlord Garmr.

Free download of bookworm for pc Gotrek and Felix: The Fourth Omnibus

Download eBook. For decades, Gotrek and Felix have been thrilling Warhammer fans, and now you can experience the end of the journey in the Old World. Their adventures have been extraordinary; their heroic partnership the stuff of legends. Now it ends.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Aug 1, The Black Library's flagship fantasy series is collected together in a stunning new omnibus edition.

[PDF DOWNLOAD] Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus full_online By William King [PDF] Download Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus Ebook | READ ONLINE.

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Par oliver jamie le jeudi, novembre 19 , - Lien permanent. Now I am saving to buy Beastslayer yep, I am a poor man… May 11 , at am. With his companion Felix, Gotrek the dwarf trollslayer roams the wild, dark This volume includes the books: Dragonslayer, Beastslayer and Vampireslayer. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy 2, Supporting characters As shown in Dragonslayer, it grants him a shield from a dragon's last appearance in Vampireslayer and return in Manslayer - "Ulrika.

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