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List of plants by common name

Grevillea victoriae. At the simplest level of scientific classification, each plant has a name made up of two parts, a generic or genus name and a specific name or epithet. Together, these two names are referred to as a binomial. It indicates a grouping of organisms that all share a suite of similar characters. Ideally these should all have evolved from one common ancestor. The specific name, allows us to distinguish between different organisms within a genus.

Binomial names are always written with the generic name first , starting with a capital letter, e. The specific epithet always follows the generic name, starting with a lower-case letter, e. The full species name or binomial being Grevillea victoriae. Generic and specific names are generally in Latin or are Latinised words from other languages, particularly Greek. Other derivations are also sometimes used, such as Aboriginal names or even acronyms.

Specific epithets also need to conform to certain grammatical rules depending on the form of the generic name. There are hierarchical levels of classification ranks above and below the genus and species, the most commonly referred to is the grouping of several genera plural of genus into a family. As with plants within the same genus, plants in the same family have many characteristics in common. Grevillea victoriae is in the family Proteaceae , along with Banksia , Hakea , Macadamia and many other genera.

There are a number of levels of classification below that of species, with the most commonly used being subspecies and variety , abbreviated to ' subsp. This allows further subdivision of plant groups to reflect the variation in form and distribution we see in nature.

These subdivisions, along with species, genera, families and other groupings or ranks within plant classification, are referred to as taxa plural or a taxon singular. Grevillea victoriae subsp.

Whenever a subspecies, variety or other subdivision below the rank of species is published, an additional name, called an autonym , is automatically generated. In the case of Grevillea victoriae above, the publication of Grevillea victoriae subsp. Plants regarded to represent typical Grevillea victoriae assume the name Grevillea victoriae subsp. When referring to a plant in a genus when we do not know which species it is, we use the generic name followed by ' sp. When referring collectively to some or all of the species in a genus we use the generic name followed by ' spp.

As noted in the examples above, plant names are usually written in italics within a sentence of plain type, or at least in a different type-face, or underlined, to distinguish them from other words. Family names are not italicised, nor are abbreviations like 'subsp. The name of a plant is based on an original description , the earliest use of the name generally being the most relevant, dating back as far as for flowering plants, when Linnaeus published his concept of the binomial naming system.

Each plant name is associated with an original description, including a brief description in Latin before , which is called a protologue and a nominated ' type specimen ' which is an herbarium specimen lodged with a recognised herbarium somewhere in the world.

This original description the protologue must be published in a journal or other recognised printed medium. Since certain PDF publications on the web, in English, are permitted. In this case Ferdinand von Mueller F. The author name is not written in italics. Since our knowledge-base and opinions change with time as more becomes known about the plant group in question, the author citation can become quite complicated as it reflects the published opinion of botanists over time.

Thus we can have, for example: Grevillea pyramidalis subsp. Grevillea pyramidalis subsp. The suppliment to Robert Brown's Prodromus in containing the original description. The Flora of Australia volume containing Makinson's treatment of Grevillea in This name reflects the view of Alan Cunningham in a book published by Robert Brown in , and its status in the opinion of Bob Makinson in published in the Flora of Australia , Vol.

The Code was first formulated , and has since been revised at about six-year intervals, based on a consensus of views of taxonomic botanists from around the world.

If a plant name is published according to the rules of the Code, we say it is a 'valid publication' or it has been ' validly published '. The most recent 18th International Botanical Congress held in Melbourne in August will result in a new edition of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

Types are generally preserved plant specimens, lodged in a herbarium, but in certain cases types may also be represented by illustrations. Determining exactly how a particular type specimen affects the application of a particular plant name can be quite complex, and various factors need to be considered. Because of this complexity, the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature recognises many different kinds of types. These are indicated by a prefix before the word '-type', for example: holotype , lectotype , neotype , etc.

The cultivar name is always added after a valid scientific name at the genus or species level, is not Latinised , is put in single quotes , and is not italicised. For more information on cultivar names, see the web site of the Australian Cultivar Registration Authority.

Marsilea drummondii or Nardoo. There is no international convention governing the way common names can be written or used. In fact, in their truest form common names arise from common use by people in contact with the plants — often people who are not aware of the scientific naming of plants. These true 'common names' are therefore in a range of different languages, different scripts and not codified in any way.

The same species of plant can have very different common names in different places, and could have different common names in the same place according to different groups of people.

Thus Aboriginal and European people living in the same area might each have very different common names for the same plant. Sometimes names used by one group of people are adopted by another, sometimes the pronunciation gets corrupted in the process. The aquatic fern Marsilea drummondii is now known by the common name 'Nardoo' , an attempt at converting the spoken Aboriginal name for this plant in one part of Australia into English [ another photo ]. There is no universally accepted way of writing common names.

However, the following is generally recommended:. Updated 17 September, webmaster anbg. Using Common vernacular Names There is no universally accepted way of writing common names.

However, the following is generally recommended: For a name used in a general sense covering a group or genus e. This can lead to confusion as to what exactly constitutes the common name in a piece of text. Of course, double quotation marks should never be used for cultivar names.

Important Scientific Names of Plants, Fruits & Vegetables

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Falanruw and Jean E. Maka and T. Cole and C.

ISSN To improve the utility of the list some information such like if the species are native or introduced, their uses and propagation methods is provided. The authors provide common names that represent species of 72 families of which species are angiosperms and 28 gymnosperms. Most of the genera are represented by one species and only nine genera are represented by four or more species: Pinus 19 species , Quercus 11 species , Cordia and Tabebuia 5 species each and Annona, Bursera, Caesalpinia, Juniperus and Yucca 4 species each. The front and last pages are presented as originally published.

Annotated List of Samoan Plant Names by W. Arthur Whistler. Field and Garden Plants of Guam by Philip H. Moore and Richard D. Krizman. Guam Department Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands by Craig R. Elevitch (ed.) Trees and Shrubs.


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List of plants by common name

This is a list of plants organized by their common names. However, the common names of plants often vary from region to region, which is why most plant encyclopedias refer to plants using their scientific names , in other words using binomials or "Latin" names. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. The Spruce. Retrieved

Grevillea victoriae. At the simplest level of scientific classification, each plant has a name made up of two parts, a generic or genus name and a specific name or epithet. Together, these two names are referred to as a binomial.

Common Name to Botanical Name. Woody Ornamentals. Common Name. Botanical Name. A. Abelia. Abelia. Ajuga Fruit, Nut & Berry Plants. Common Name.


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