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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Transport Pdf

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It is hard to mobilize a true economic potential of any country without road transport.

Due to congestion and narrow roads road transport is subject to delays caused by high traffic and this can lead to the destruction of perishable goods such as vegetables and flowers. Also much time is wasted in booking the goods and taking delivery of the goods in case of railway and water transport. Bottled water will always cost more than tap water.

disadvantages of water transport

Water transport refers to the transport of people and goods by water which can be rivers, canals, and seas through various medium of transport like ships, boats, and vessels. It is cheapest and also one of the oldest modes of transport. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of water transport —. In case of water transport, there is no need for any big investment on the construction of the infrastructure required for starting water transport, unlike road transport which requires the construction of road and rail transport which required putting tracks because water is a sort of natural highway.

Hence water transport is very cheap when one compares it with other modes of transportation like railway, roads, and air. When larger quantity of good has to be transported from one place to another than this mode of transportation is the most viable option because of two reasons one that it is quite cheap and other one is that it is flexible implying that route and time can be customized according to the convenience of the party to whom the goods are to be shipped.

Another positive of this transportation is that chances of disruption in the traffic route are less as compared to road network where there is the risk one getting stuck in traffic or rail network where trains get late when there is rains, fog or when tracks get broken.

Hence in simple words in case of water transport chances of delay due to disruptions in traffic are minimal as compared to other modes of transportation. It is the slowest means of transportation among all the means of transportation and hence if one wants to send goods quickly which is the case with perishable goods than this is not the right option as it takes way more time than road or rail transport.

Hence for example, if the place of delivery is miles away from nearest port than one has to incur additional expenses of transporting goods from port to the place of delivery through road or rail transport which makes it dependent on other means of transportation.

Another problem with this means of transportation is that it is not suitable for long distances due to it being slow which in turn leads to it taking more time than any other means of transport and also when one wants to send smaller items than other means of transportation like road, railway and airway are more preferable.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport

And water transport is about moving things on the water to other areas by using the water vehicles such as ships or watercraft or any other means of looking on the surface of the water. It operates on a natural track and hence does not require huge capital investment in the construction and maintenance of its track except in case of canals. Advantages and Limitations? Less Maintenance Cost: Maintenance cost in rail and road transport is quite high but maintenance cost of water transport is quite less. Share Your Word File This type of transport has large carrier capacity.

There is much more to these two means of transportation. Inland water transports include the system of transport, which is navigable through rivers, lakes, as well as canals. Many rivers in the world, make use of inland water transport. Canals are also known as inland transportation water-ways and are mostly built seas and ocean where water transport needs to navigate the most. Ocean transportation includes tramps, oil tankers, refrigerated ships, Cargo Liners, as well as passenger Liners.

advantages of water transport

Water transport is defined as the process of moving people, freight and mails by barge, boat, ship, or sailboat over a sea, ocean, lake, canal, and river or by other types of water transportation. It is an important mode of transport. Water transportation is the cheapest means of transporting bulky and perishable goods over long distances.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transportation

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Water transport is the cheapest and the oldest mode of transport.


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Water: Advantages: It is economical mode for transporting heavy loads and even cargo.


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Less Maintenance Cost: Maintenance cost in rail and road transport is quite high but maintenance cost of water transport is quite less. Cheap: Useful for Bulky Goods: Useful During Natural Calamities: Helpful in Defence: Important for Foreign Trade.


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